Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Unusual OOAK (Antoinette) by Cholo, a Filipino Artist

*** Doll Nudity, please view at your own discretion”

2010 is drawing to the end. It has been a year with great surprises by getting to know three really talented Asian artists, which are lesser known in the doll community – Cholo, Chan Sama, Chaiyan. They may not be active in doll boards but relatively popular in other places. They may not have every single doll that are highly sought after, but their OOAK ability and creativeness impressed me without doubt! I am lucky to have their creation to enrich my collections!

salam tiara

Here I would like to introduce one of them, Cholo Ayuyao, a 31-year-old Filipino artist who lives in Angeles City, Philippines. (20 pictures here, so please scroll all the way down for more information of Cholo!)

An unusual OOAK Item to Me : Salam

This year, I have added an unusual OOAK Antoinette – Salam, in my collection. Yes, you remember it right, I am not an Antoinette fan at all! However, this OOAK one reminds me of my tribal love and Bollywood at the same time that I decided to give Antoinette another chance. :-P

antoinette-tonner-dolls-pose antoinette with tattoooak-antioineet-tonnerantoinette-tonner-doll-ooak-by-choloI came across Salam’s pictures on one day, and I could not stop seeing its pictures and decided to contact the artist for more information. After a few posts, we have built up good friendships and, eventually, Salam immigrated to Hong Kong.

antoinette-tonner-dollsalam-cholo-antoinette-ooak-headantoinette-ooak-That Salam has elaborated hand-painted tattoos all over her body and face, the highly detailed hand made metal headpieces decorated with real fresh water pearls and color beans shows great 3 dimensions.

salam-by-cholo-ooak-antionette-tonnerwater pearls ooakantoinette tatto back

The shoes, “the high heel without heels”, as Cholo described it, is a wonderful idea. The beans that used as the heels are actually hanging and swinging there, only by putting the shoes on a surface could it become a heel. And, Salam could stand on her own without a stand. salam heelssalam shoes in motion

ooak shoes 2 tatto-antoinette-shoes

Something about Cholo Ayuyao (with his cool pic.):

choloEver since Cholo was a child, he was fascinated with dolls already. He was from an average family in the Philippines, he could not afford any dolls. So, his love for dolls was stagnated but never seized all these years. This frustration led him to more innovative and inventive in making his toys. Since he couldn’t afford Lego blocks, he made gasoline station dioramas out of cardboards and old boxes, paper dolls in place of vinyl ones. But not until this year, had his fascination with dolls was awakened. He finally realized he could afford the dolls he has longed for, specially Fashion Royalty dolls, that perfectly suits his dolly taste.

Cholo’s Professional & Inspiration:

Cholo’s repainting skills actually came from years as a part time make up artist years ago during his college days. He just though that repainting a doll’s face is the same except that it would all be in a smaller scale and a different type of face paint... about accessories and doing doll couture: Actually, Cholo have been an accessory designer for 10 years now, and also work as a couture finisher for local designers for 7 years (this work actually is more like Lesage in Paris where couture houses get their services for embroidery and intricate beadworks). He just used his skills on human couture and scale it down to one sixth for dolls, with special attention to what type of materials to use, since everything has to work in that scale.

How He Created Salam:

This tan skin Antoinette was an appreciation gift from a friend whom he lend his accessories to for a photo shooting session.

Handling a 16" doll is a challenge to Cholo as most of his collections are 12” Fashion Royalty and Barbie. But the size did not stopped his inspiration. Cholo commented that his creation was inspired by the Middle East, India, enchantments. : “… that’s how Salam came into being... very organic, nothing was planned, it was ideas came consecutively after the other... and then she was born...”

antoinette-tan-tonner Cholo’s Contacts:

To learn more about Cholo, please visit his blog,

Flickr account “ Choloisms


Picture credits: Cliff CHAN

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Terri Gold said...

Wow! What a magnificent work of art. Congratulations on adding her to your collection.


toya25 said...

she is very beautiful. i had to copy her picture so that i can look at her more. thanks so much for sharing her & his talent.

makeup artist in sydney said...

Hey your collection is awesome... keep the good work.Thanks

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Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Toy25, makeup artist in sydney:

Thank you very much for leaving me the comments and encouragement!


Anonymous said...

I was sort of saddened when Cholo told me he's giving away this piece, I gave it to him as a gift for lending me accessories for a shoot I did. But when he assured to me that it's going to be in great hands, it lightened the load a lot and said he has my blessings. And now, seeing where it ended... WOW!!! I am really impressed!!! I'm so proud of my friend, Cholo. I might give him another blank doll just to see where THAT ends up, ha ha ha!!!

Nio Manzano

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Nio, you should be proud of the Philippines power is rising up these days! Talented doll artists like Cholo is getting so well known and receiving great praising in the international doll community!!!