Saturday, December 25, 2010

A World in Peace Wish in a Cold 2010 Merry Christmas In Hong Kong

Woke up this morning, opened the window, the cold wind blew directly on my face.  Lovely fresh air but a bit cold!  The temperature is probably only 11-13 degree C. 

DSC04856When I turned on the radio, listening to the news and ready to dress, I realized again that I did not have anything prepared for Christmas. It is not an unusual case to me, anyway… I have 2 friends from Thai and Malaysia visiting plus a family dinner tonight then…what next?  Probably making use of these few days holidays to prepare for my PMP examination!  But wait!!!  Before that…I must post a Merry Christmas pictures of one of my favorite doll shots here!!

May everyone has a wonder Merry Christmas and a successful 2011…and the most of all … World in Peace!!! Yea, “in peace”, I mean no war, don’t fight, especially when there is LE doll for sale online!!  Please don’t fight with me!! Thank you very much!!  Love you all !!!  :-P

 Kyori Merry Christmas Red Blooded Woman Kyori Picture Credit: Cliff CHAN
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Terri Gold said...

The very beautiful Kyori. Wishing you a peaceful time.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


Thank you very much! Wishing you a Peacful Christmas too!!