Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Barbie - My Point-Of-View

Although my first OOAK fashion doll is a Barbie doll from Thailand, I am never a Barbie fan. When I first learnt about fashion dolls online, I tried to look for them in Hong Kong. I could find nothing but factory Barbies. Honestly, none of them impressed me. So when I found some interesting OOAK Barbies in Thailand, I could not help but bought one home for my further studies.

As my collections improved, the more I learn about fashion dolls, the more I would crave for attitude face up, quality fabric and accessories. Unfortunately, Mattel could not satisfy me in these aspects in any ways.

Having said that, I must admit that Barbie has improved quite a lot in the past year. Firstly, I was tempted to buy Hard Rock Café Barbie, and then I am impressed by the 12 black dressed “Barbie Basics”. It is quite amusing to see all 12 various faces with simple black dresses yet able to demonstrate their individuality. Probably I did not have much expectation from Mattel’s creativity, so when these Basics were released, it is kind of refreshment to me!

Now, there is another series of its 2010 collections which catch my attention, the Christian Louboutin ANEMONE and DOLLYFOREVER.

They look stylish in different ways – out in the jungle and in a grand ball room! They have improved a lot on the face moulds – trendier with stronger character. (However, Mattel still needs some improvement on the face screening with more details.) Unfortunately, the choice of fabric still looks very cheap and the price does not reflect this factor. US174.99 …. It comes close to Tonner dressed doll price, isn’t it? The designs of Tonner dolls are mostly too conservative to me. But at least their quality is good. To me, Barbies are always too plastic look. With US40-50, I could not ask for too much. However, these Christian Louboutin look like a play line doll quality but asking for US174.99, which is a pity!

The other new release that I quite fond of is the modernized Dorothy of Wizard of OZ (US34.99) with a naughty look! Doesn’t she remind you of a dark hair Paris Hilton with a “doggie bag”? Mattel will also release a vintage Barbie Wizard of OZ in 2010. Probably because I do not have the culture background about it, I am not a fan of vintage Barbie. . No matter what outfits she is on, she always looks so doubt and ugly to me. It surely has a massive collector market out there and many of them are loyal collectors. That is why Mattel is trying to save its business by releasing so many styles of the vintage Barbie to retain the more mature customer groups who grew up with it.

The naughty look and the doubt vintage look of Dorothy

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can You Resist These Cutie Baby Dolls?

I am never a baby doll lovers. I especially find those half-kid-half-adult look quite disgusting. (A baby should be a baby, a kid should be a kid, an adult ... .hum... could pretend to be young and cutie though! (Haha!) ) However, when I see these baby dolls, I could not help but check the price if I could afford them. My second though was "Oh well...where can I buy them some fashion?"!! I wish they were a real baby sized ones, so that I could easily get them some cool baby fashion!

Marilyn Monor Proceline Doll - US150
Princess Diana Proceline Doll - US150

Scarlett O'Hara- Vivianne - US120

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