Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tonner Batman – Action Hero is not an Action Figure

*** Warning : Doll Nudity, view at your own discretion ***

batman-costumeI have been a fan of super heroes since I was a kid. Lately, Tonner has released 4 Superheroes, Superman, Batman, Aquaman (2 different face moulds), Green Lantern. My favorite sculpt of Tonner’s DC Superheores is actually Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern (LE1000, US169.99). Hal’s face is so different from typical Tonner male look. It is probably sculpted by somebody else. However, Batman (LE3000, US159.99) is the only one with normal hands, while the others are with fist hands. When I found Batman at a big bargain on Pergo, I decided to give Tonner’s Superhero a try. It was sent to my friend in USA in order to save some postage. After months, this superhero has finally arrived here with some other dolls and stuff.

Sad Face Batman?

batman1Batman’s face sculpt is not attractive to me at all. I think his look is the worse amongst the 4 superheroes being released. I am not sure if he is supposed to look angry or about to burst into tears. I could not help but thinking what should I do to smooth the winkles between his eyebrows, and find someone to repaint him for me. His light blue costume is not the Batman that I am similar with. The whole costume looks very clumsy and cheap. Surprisingly, there is no gargets around the famous Batman blet at all! batman-tonner-downup

Batman’s Body Sculpt vs Aquaman’s

But when I undressed Batman, I actually am quite impressed by his body sculpture. I kept taking pictures of his body and some of them turned out to be quite good! That muscle sculptur is so familiar to me! Yea, it is almost the same as my 13” tall Aquaman by DCdirect. Look at their upper torso, they are almost identical. They even have the same mid-section to enable them for some articulation. Wait! My Aquaman could crunch and twist gracefully in big angles, but this Batman could crunch forward like 15 degrees only. It is almost functionless but giving him a hunch back and ruin the beauty of the muscle.

auqaman-action-figureThe amazing articulted body of DC Direct’s Aquamanbatman-vs-auqa-manbatman-tonner-vs-aquaman-front

batman-tonner-vs-aquaman-backTheir back design is from the same conceptbatman-tonner-aquaman-same-muscle-sculptTheir upper torso sculpt is almost identialbatman-tonner-front-nude batman-tonner-back-nudebatman-tonner-rightbatman-tonner-donw-upwardsDue to his huge muscle and one-piece-body design, even with 14 points of articulation, his arms, knees could only bend slightly. You can see he could not even hold Antoinette in anyway. How could such a stiff Batman save anyone from the evils in Gorham city? batman-tonner-antoinette-sensual batman-tonner-sensual-antoinette-articulation-limit

Action Hero is not an Action Figure

So, I guess this Batman is more like a display doll/a fashion doll rather than an action figure. Oh well, then it is not fair for me to be too harsh on his articulation. I discovered that he could actually be a very sexy bodybuilder photography model. I took some shots as below and they turned out to be a nice surprise to me!


batman-tonner-sittingbatman-tonner-nudeOk then, if he is not going to be an action hero, then the question is “Where could I find fashion of his size?”. I know Chewin, who makes the best glove fit outfits specialized in suits and tuxedo for this Superhero body. On the other hand, in 2010, Tonner will release a tuxedo (US99.99), casual outfits (US79.99….Help!! Tonner is still making high waist jean!!), a pair of slippers (US19.99), tracking shoes (US24.99), faux suede hiking boots (US24.99), for “male athletic” body guys. I found a US6 SD size sneakers by, which would fit him also (Not perfect though!).

batman-tonner-curve backbatman-tonner-superhero-thigh

Batman could only crunch at maximum

and legs bend maximum like that…Very limited.


Other Tonner Guys Good Companion

Batman looks huge alone by himself, but when I put him next to another Tonner male doll, Jeremy Voss, the difference is actually not that big. They could still be standing next to each other without looking odd - Jeremy Voss’s review to be followed.

Batman-vs-jeremy-voss-side They can stand next to each other

without looking odd at allBatman-vs-jeremy-vossbatman-tonner-left-side casualsandals formalaffair hikingboots supercasual trackshoes

Picture Credit: Tonnerdirect, Cliff Chan

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeremy Voss – Ultra Basic as It is Named

..jeremy-voss-bannerI was happy to see there are finally some new male faces from Tonner since last year. Jeremy Voss is one of those on my “speculation list”. However, the début Jeremy Voss has overly lengthy narrow face and the ultra high waist jeans (is it become fashionable again now?) which stopped me from pressing the “buy it” buttons for many times.

voss & mattvoss & matt handsFinally, I saw the Ultra Basic normal skin blond Jeremy Voss at US54.99 on Tonner Direct website. The official picture of that skin looks like a deep tan one, and Jeremy seems has a better face shape, so after 1 week of consideration, I pressed the “buy it” button finally.


When I saw the real doll, its skin tone is, as described officially, the as same as the normal skin tone of Matt O’Neal. The face is painted in a casual manner and probably not much better than I could do. Another complain is that there are some scratch marks here and there in his body. And the sanding on his body is very rough. It seems that the body was either done in a rush, or it was “thrown” into a big box with all the other massively molded bodies, and it had waited there for a long time before giving a head to put on, so there are many scratches caused by rubbing with other bodies.

7.jeremy-voss-tonner-shirt-side-close-up-goodAs commented by some Pregoers that Jeremy came with a shin spot on the tip of his nose. It is due to the rubbing against the plastic box. Mine, unfortunately, could not be exempted. The packaging is as it is named – Ultra Basic.


voss & esme anglevoss & esme

He is tied on a rectangular transparent plastic box with wires padded with an “ultra” thin slide of tracking paper, which could not be any thinner or tinier. I like simple boxing as it could save the earth and also help to save my postage at the same time. 2.simple-packaging-jeremy-voss But I wish the factory labor would have simply turned the doll head facing to the side during packaging that would help to avoid the shiny spot on the nose.

I had not bought any Tonner dolls for awhile. I guess I could not ask for too much as it only costs US54.99 and it is named - “Ultra Basic” which have already warned me about the quality.

1.ub-jeremy-voss-packagingP.S.: Doll stand is not included in this UB series. It could be purchased at US9.99 at

"Thewa" is the Deva Homme’s Name

Deva-doll-thewa-in-bed copyDeva-Homme-thewa copy

There is a new mainpage image uploaded in the offical Deva Dolls website. The name of its new Homme doll is reviewed as “Thewa”. This name sounds abit Indian to me. If the pronouncation of “The” of the name is as the “the” of the word “there”, then it pronounces the same as “Deva”. Would it be possible? Does it carry any special meaning like all the female dolls?

Updates: Just got information that "Thewa" in Thai means "Men in Heaven", while "Deva" means "Women in Heaven"! They are Gods of Hindu!

(Thank you very much, P'Jarupan!!)

Picture credit: Deva Dolls

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interviewing a True Artisan, Niramol - Part II

This is the Part II of my interview with Niramol.
Continue getting to know an artisan; continue admiring her creations from her perspectives.
( For Part I, please click HERE! )

This 20 postcards set features amazing Thai traditional OOAK of Sri's Doll Artisan

Niramol & Patta

(6) What triggered your doll OOAK creations?

Our name had first become well-known in 2004. Together with my sister, we held and exhibition about traditional Thai costume and performance art. I was responsible for the traditional dance theme and the costume of Rattanokosin period. We had to re-create the scene of the King’s chamber, arms and weapons room, as well as traditional Thai house by referring to the originals to be as realistic as possible. Please check our website for more details of the production process. My sister K. Pattraporn needed an outfit for her doll as she remembered I used to make some for her during our childhood. I was only 11, when I first used scrapes of cloths to create a doll outfit for my sister. It has been a long time, until she asked me to do it again a couple of years back. And when she showed the final result to her friends, they all said it was more beautiful than what were on offered in the market back then. So she encouraged me to start a business and it has been something that I enjoy ever since.

One of the latest creations of Niramol on Jamieshow

100% on real human scale and handmade
(7) What is your special technique apply on your creations?

My secret is the attention to details. Each delicate detail will be care for, with research and study to evaluate the possibility of the production before starting, and to ensure that the final work will resemble to the original as much as possible.

(8) What is your current project?

We just finished our last exhibition – “The Glory of King Narai” recently, which was held at Suan Pakkad Museum, in Bangkok during 30 Jul – 30 Aug. 2009. The event was presented with mix media including dolls and sculptures, with miniature of the Mirror Hall of Versailles to recreate the arrival scene of Siamese Ambassadors in the Vatican to deliver King Narai’s letter to the Pope during Ayudthaya Period. We also had portrait sculptures of important nobles of that time.

(9) Lastly, what is your future goal/ambition on your OOAK development?

As we had been received really well by the public for our last exhibition, my next project, I would like to present something relating to Buddhism. I hope to show that a doll can be more than just a beautiful object to look at, but it can be used as a medium to express morals and values of people in the society too. This is the aim that I and my team hope to achieve for our next presentation.

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