Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hal Jordan, The Handsome Green Lantern Without His Lantern!



Green Lantern – He Is The One!

Green Lantern is not a well known DC hero to most of the Hong Kong people. The version that we know is the new Black version that is holding a green lantern from time to time. I had been lurking on having this Green Lantern doll since Tonner had released the official face picture of Hal Jordan. Due to the official price set so high (US169.99) and he has a white painted fist hands which are hard to play with, I decided to wait and wish for a bargain sale somewhere later on. Unfortunately, even some Tonner’s Batman or Superman are on sale at US50 level here and there, there is no sigh on this Hal!  Actually, LE1,000 is quite a large quantity, why it seems sold out everywhere? Not until in the middle of March, I was lucky to find one Pregoer selling it at a good price, so without a 2nd thought, I grasped it!






Three Dolls With The Hal’s Face Mould

Although Tonner has used Hal’s face mold on Matt’s body for its Sinister Circus’s Cut Your Losses , and on superhero boy for Glutton for Gingerbread, with open hands, they just don’t talk to me!  It is probably due to their hair style and faceup.



This Hal Jordan doll is probably the best male face sculpt of Tonner so far! Tonner’s male faces always look too stiff, subtle and lifeless even a dimple smiling face like Russell, it looks unnatural. Hal has big eyes with deeper socket and has a sharp chin and strong jaw. He has Matt’s skin tone – a healthy slightly tan. Hal even looks as if he has a pink brushing on his face! Although his poseability is very limited, his hair and look could kill!



No Other Accessories. Why?

Since his bodysuit is in black and green, I undressed him right away in fear that the black fabric would stain on him. Tonner does a great job on lined inside to prevent color stain! hal-jordan-green-lantern-tonner-down-uphal-jordan-green-lantern-tonner-bodysuit

I wish that Tonner would put some effort in making some gargets for its DC Comic characters. Just like Batman without the famous belt that full of gargets is not a real Batman.  Hal does NOT come with any other extras like his icon, the lantern. The mask is so disappointed that a grade 3 student could do better than this.hal-jordan-green-lantern-tonner-masked


It has a detachable ring but it does not bling or shine at all. Consider all these condition, Hal is simply over priced. Green Lantern’s ring looks kind of cheap and does not look as powerful as in the comic, I guess I will have to look for another ring to replace it soon!!! We'll see!!!



Picture credit: Tonner Direct, Cliff CHAN

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Attempt on OOAK Deva Wig on Lukas


Got up in the morning and still happy about the finding last night on putting on an OOAK Deva wig on Lukas. So I decided to make another attempt!  Oh well…yea, the wig looks abit loose in the pictures but it actually looks so rock in real!

It is so foggy this morning that the indoor lighting is poor. These pictures could not justify the vibriant color of this feather wig by Jarupan. It has amazing layers and lenght.  Different grades of blue and purple show under different lighting and directions!

 IMG_1443 IMG_1449 IMG_1454 IMG_1456IMG_1445 

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Lukas – in Deva OOAK Wig…You'll Never Know Unless You Try it On!"


Lukas from the Nu Face of Fashion Royalty is alway my no.1 favorite male face mould! His strong feature is like a Roman sculpture with great mood and attitude! I am so glad that I have bought this Style Strategy Lukas off evilBay at a good price!


I got bored tonight, so I decided to let Lukas try on an assymetic layered OOAK Deva wig for fun. I found it quite cool! It gave Lukas a totally new look with very different mood!

Who would know that a 16” female doll wig would look cool on a 13” tall male doll! You would never know what it really turn out to be like unless you dare to try it on!!

IMG_1428IMG_1429 lukas-fashion-royalty-style-startegyIMG_1440 lukas-fashion-royalty-closeup lukas-style -strategy1lukas-side-profile-fashion-royalty lukas

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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