Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dark-HunterDolls – Official Pictures Reviewed

Integrity Toys and The Ashton-Drake Galleries and Integrity Toys did the cross-over again on novel characters – Dark Hunter, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Integrity Toys responsible for designing and producing the dolls, while Ashton-Drake Galleries responsible for the sales matter.

I have never read this novel before, so I have no idea if Integrity Toys could really capture the spirit of the novel characters – Acheron and Simi, and then 3-dimensionalized them. Judging from the official pictures of the dolls, they are kind of the “Final Fantasy” style of characters. Acheron and Simi are the first two characters of this line and more characters would be following in the future (by demand?).

Simi:  It is said that the face molds are totally newly made for these novel characters. However, Simi looks so much like Vanessa of Fashion Royalty to me. With her punk and rock outfits and fire red high-lighted hair, I think she looks far too old for this outfits which should be on a young adult. That horns and black wings do not help at all, I just do not feel any mystery atmosphere by her look at all!


Doesn’t she look like Vanessa of Fashion Royalty line?simi-half-dark-hunter

Acheron: Meanwhile, Acheron has long hair with high waist jeans. Hum!! Why doll jeans all have to come with high waist? His face look is a bit subtle which does not match with his long black/red hair style. details_1

According to the official write up that Acheron has 2 tattoos on his body – should/back and hip. But the official pictures only show one vague tattoo on his waist, not his hip. I am sorry to say that it looks like a pencil mark rather than a tattoo.  Is it supposed to be like that in the novel?dark-hunter-male-high-waist-jeans

Is that the tatto? It is a pencil mark instead, isn’t it?

Acheron’s sunglass is very cheap playline quality look, without any details! Is that what it supposed to be? Someone who has read this novel better give me some hints.

dark-hunter-sunglassThe other accessories are disappointed too. The boots are both one-piece molding plastic stuff, not even with a functional shoes laces.


Both dolls are 12” tall! Why not make the guy taller than the girl to give it better matching look? Or, if the novel mentioned that they are with the same height?

dark-hunter-acheron-simiSince there is no nude body picture available so far, I don’t know if Integrity Toys would sculpt new bodies for both male and female Dark Hunter characters with more articulations or not.

So, am I going to buy these US149.9 each character dolls? A “No” for sure for the time being, especially with this price tag. 

Below is copied from the official website of Dark Hunter:


  • 12” vinyl doll
  • Full length black leather jacket
  • Faded Jeans
  • T-shirt with skull and crossbones
  • Biker boots and sunglasses
  • Backpack with Anarchy symbol
  • Black hair with a red streak
  • Two tattoos!
  • The Dark-Hunter symbol on his hip
  • A Simi dragon tattoo on his shoulder/back


  • 12" vinyl doll
  • Plaid miniskirt and bustier with mesh overlay
  • Long gloves and cuff bracelets
  • Red and black leggings and heeled knee-high boots
  • Removable wings
  • Black hair with red streak and horns
  • Coffin purse that opens to reveal Simi’s iconic accessories:
    • BBQ sauce – it makes anything taste good
    • A black AMEX card – Simi loves to shop!


Each book in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series tells the tale of one dark hero’s gripping history and epic battles, and offers another glimpse into the mysteries of the Dark-Hunters and the vengeful gods who control their world. With extraordinary imagination, and an infectious sense of humor, Kenyon brings each hunter to life to tell a riveting story of a secret, unique life filled with danger and the haunting shades of their pasts…and their one chance for redemption and freedom

Dark-Hunter Dolls inspired by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Picture credit: Intergrity Toys, Ashton-Drake Galleries,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tom of Finland – Not Necessary Only Leather! He Could Be Fashionable Too! (scroll all the way down for pictures)

Today is my birthday(5th May), so I would like to pose something special and alternative for a change! Yet, it is a fashionable doll!


Collecting fashion dolls are fun! However, when you could not find your dolls some wardrobes and especially shoes, it is always a discouragement on keeping them. I have got this Tom of Finland probably 5 years ago. His signature body shape makes it hard to be a fashion doll. Therefore, most of time, he is in his default style - leather.



I could not remember since when I found Tom the hip hop jacket and pants by ripping them off from Jason Siu’s Money Playground action figure. And, I got a pair of mustard color shoes and a pair of white and brown shoes from Thailand a few years back which was originally intended for Matt O’neil. Although Tom does not have splitted toes, I got him a green slipper from a local action figure series called “Two Hits Six” (meaning “nobody” in Cantonese slang). A friend of mine begged me to sell them off to him for his Tom. It is really not easy to find this figure proper wardrobes, so I have to say no to my dear friend (So sorry, Alex!).


This chain is one of my favorable accessories of all


A few months ago, my dear friend, Alex gave me a pair of purple Crocs for my other action figure named Ryoutsu Kankichi 兩津勘吉. But this Crocs shoes also fits Tom perfectly. Two days ago, I bought another pair of trendy slipper in black. It is made of rubber but the quality is just so-so. Tom could slipped in by squeezing in a little bit. On the same day, I also bought a nice print black T-shirt for him and it looks so cool on him! Too bad that in fear of staining his limbs, I could only put it on him for pictures and then take it off right away. Isn’t the staining problem a party booboo?


crose-for-tom-of-finlandcrose-for-tom-of-finland-2 fashion-for-tom-of-finalndIMG_1687tom-of-finland-back-pantstom-of-finland-fashion

The zippers are really workable

and it could turn into a short pantsIMG_1613 IMG_1620 IMG_1627IMG_1621 IMG_1631 IMG_1652 IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1685 IMG_1690 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1696 IMG_1681OOAK-tom-of-finland ooak-tom-of-finland-2 repaint-tom-of-finland tom-of-finland-back tom-of-finland-half-nakedtom-of-finland-chain tom-of-finland-on-chain tom-of-finland-sideyou-too-tom-of-finland

Picture credits: Cliff CHAN

Please do NOT use any write up or pictures without prior writing for permission!

Tom of Finland Doll