Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New Apsara Exposed

It has been a long while since any official announcement on the next release of Deva Dolls. Although we have seen the pictures of the very first Deva male doll, Thewa, in last February (click here for previous post), there has been no further news about when it would be for sale!  We have just seen the 2010 LE 15 tan skin Tian Shi in early May (click here for previous post), and that would be a kind of private sale. Now, Chewin has just shown his own OOAK of Apsara on line a few hours ago.  Apsara is the newly modified Thai face mould of Deva doll.  It is very different from the original one.  Chewin named her Liu Wen, a very Chinese name. Actually the same name as an international super model from China.

liu wenApsara-chewin-repaint

This Chewin OOAK Liu Wen doll has a very different mood from other Deva dolls that I have seen so far.  She has very tender and soft look.  She is not a chic fashionable bitch but more like an well-educated elegance lady in the vanity fair! 

I am looking forward to see what different mood would Deva guys give her when she is officially released.   I would love to see how versatile that Apsara face mould could be!

 Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen2 Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen3Apsara-deva-doll-liu-wen- chewin-repaint Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen4 Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen-blonde Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen-blonde-short Apsara-deva-doll-chewin-repaint-liu-wen-blonde-short2 

Picture credit: Chewin

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010 Tian Shi by DEVA DOLLS - She could be a modern Ninjan, couldn’t she?

deva-dolls-2010-tian-shi copy

Deva Doll fans must be very excited to see the long-expected new Deva doll pictures on their official website.  The title is “The Secret of Tian Shi.  What does that “secret” referring to?  The content of the little pops that she is holding? Or if she is actually a modern Ninjan?

2010-LE-tian-shi-7 copy

This is a LE (15?) tanned skin tone Tian Shi in exotic vibrant blue and purple colours theme.  Tian Shi has an asymmetric bob dark hair with brown high light.  Although the shoes mould is made in 2007-8, I love how it is re-arranged – thick ribbon shoes laces. Her bold make up with nude lips reminds me of SOS’s OOAK Tian Shi 2010 which impressed me a lot.

2010-LE-tian-shi-8 copy2010-tian-shi-5 copy2010-LE-tian-shi-deva copy

This is the first time that I saw Deva guys posing their dolls with such big movement outdoor.  In the pictures, Tian Shi is not only a high fashion model but also looks like an active heroine figure – a Ninja maybe? The whole setting is prefect to me: The styling, the active image, the vibrant colour of both Tian Shi and the great outdoor location (looks like a Chinese temple or Chinese style garden) inspired me. To me,  it means something positive and showing the fighting spirit of Thai people under the current unsteady political situation in Thailand.  I wish that the political situation would be settled really soon.

Now, we have to wait and see for more information on how to get this 2010 LE Tian Shi.

     2010-tian-shi-2 copy 2010-tian-shi-3 copy 2010-tian-shi-4 copy  2010-tian-shi-6 copy 2010-TIAN-SHI copy2010-LE-Deva-Tian-shi copy 


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