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I Have My Reason to Start A New Doll Size Collection - DollFairyLand

What Would Trigger That Desire?

I posted a poll on Prego a few months back regarding what would trigger one to start a new line fashion doll collection.  Such as adding an odd size doll to the existing 12”, 16” or 22”, say like 14” or so. Well, the result was kind of predictable. Although some would not mind at all as long as the pieces is to die for, some said they like varieties,  while some said that the crucial reason to prevent them from starting it is the difficulties on sharing the shoes and wardrobes.  I do agree on all of those!

The Collection History:

I started my doll collection with action figures and justice league.  I love my action figures because they are all 12” tall and share each others outfits, most of the shoes (the feet length and width are vary from manufacturer to manufacturer), weapons, helmets, goggle, glasses and diorama.  It is always fun to put them all together and start the action.  However, when I started my collection of fashion dolls, it started with Gene and Tonner girls.  They were “giant” to me.  Regardless of their “nature”, I still had to look for completely new wardrobes and accessories for them.  Then, when 12” Fashion Royalty came along my collection, I was so pleased to find a “decent” size doll with such great attitudes to play with.  FR girls have had boy friends all already lined up there, and they acted as a neutral agent to the muscularity in the house.  But, I had to, again, looked for new size wardrobes. Not until after Fashion Royalty changed to an extra tall new body, the play gangs had to split.


The Story of Nowadays:

These days, due to my favor to more realistic look of human face and body, articulation etc. I moved back to collect 16” size girls like Deva and Jamieshow dolls. And I told myself…”OK. Cliff…don’t shift around, it is the doll size that you really like and should focus on!”  But not until last June, I came across the ChicLine Lishe by Doll FairyLand (Korea), they are about 14.5-15” tall BJD, (Odd size, your are right!) I could not resist but decided to step my feet inside this new world.

Oh my, their body lines and articulation ability are so good that my will power became too weak to resist!!!  It is like when I first saw Deva dolls in real!  Totally overwhelmed!  I decided to give this odd size doll a try!  And the fact is, I did not only order one doll but TWO – Lishe (the platinum hair girl in the pictures) and Ruo (the male doll) ….They only concern to me is their head size seems really really small!   Chewin somehow ensured me that their heads are NOT that small in real!  Oh, Chewin, what a bad influence you are! (Hehe!  Love you, Ajan Porn!!! Chop Mak Mak Krup!!!)  It is scheduled to be here in another month…so stay tuned…review of the real dolls to come!!!

So…..NEVER SAY NEVR once again proved to be TRUE!

CL_LuxPink03 chicline_womanpose_01 chicline_womanpose_02 chicline_womanpose_03 chicline_womanpose_04 chicline_womanpose_05 chicline_womanpose_06   CL_LuxGreen01 CL_LuxGreen02 CL_LuxGreen03 CL_LuxPink01  CL_LuxPink02


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A New Face-Up of Dollcis Website by Paul Pham


In the past, I always found that it was hard to use Paul’s official website –  There were not many pictures or news about his creations. Today, by chance, I visited it again and found that it has a new face-up, which is quite refreshing!


This new website consists of 5 segments:

“Store”, “News”, “Studio”, “Gallery” &“About”.

I love the “gallery” section which showcasing some of the very cool styled up of his Numina girls.  But I wish Paul would upload more pictures of his OOAK girls, especially the sun kiss skin tone one for Alex of FDQ.  She is definitely one of the hottest BJD girls that I have ever seen!  Below is the picture that impressed me most in the “gallery” section. I am not sure if she is a prototype or another hot OOAK?


Other than that I enjoy the “studio” section which is written in a blog style.  Like what he is doing, what his plans are etc.  Probably this website has just been refreshed for a short while as there are only a few entries.  I would love to read more about Paul’s doll project progress in the future!  It is always inspiring to know what is in an artist’s mind.


Scary, isn’t it?  Read what happened by clicking here!





      This Oiseau is available for sale in the “Store” section.

LE40 US 175

Paul Pham could be reached by below contacts:



7320 Parkwood Court #102
Falls Church, VA, 22042


(M-F between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST)

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Breakthrough Way of Playing Vinyl Head on Resin BJD Body – Jamieshow

I love the face mould of my Tonner Daphne and Sydney but I could not be satisfied by their very plastic look stiff bodies. My attention has given to more articulated Jamieshow and Deva girls these days!   I have fun in posing them, twisting them in most of the ways that I wanted to!  So Dap and Syd are kind of idle in the corner. I guess they are looking at us having fun and being jealous and upset!!  Poor girls!

BUT WAIT!!!  Their fate could face a twist now!

Angelic Dreamz Yahoo Group has just revealed a breakthrough way of play hybrid dolls created by Jamieshow – Just by using an adaptor, you would be able to transplant your favourite vinyl head into a very articulated ECO resin made BJD.

Now, I could upgrade my favorite Tonner girls’ heads into the articulated Jamieshow girl body!  I wish Jamieshow would also release Esme skin tone body in the future!  

Body-4Body-1  Body-7 Body-8 Jamieshow-vinyl-body-replacement

Just a simple tool, you would be able to have more fun with a more realistic look articulated resin BJD doll! Jamieshow-vinyl-body-replacement-hands

“OMG!  OMG!! I could move so freely and naturally now! 

I could flex and I could curve!!

I could even touch my own face, do my own makeup and comb my beautiful hair now!”


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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Luxe – The New Face Sculpt & Improved Body by Ficon Doll


Just read the news from the Ficon website ( that it has a new dressed doll named Luxe released on 28th June and priced at US659.  This is an exclusive doll of their own website and could not be purchased anywhere else.  This Luxe doll has a new face mould and jointed knees which enable the poseability of the doll.

Luxe3 copy

Judging from the official pictures that it has more beautiful face than the past releases.  The old face mould is quite cartoonish to me, this Luxe doll has a realism look.  As you could see that Ficon doll has big breasts, wide thick hips and long neck which makes its head always looks too small to me.  Maybe this Chewin’s volum wig does help to reduce such out of proportion feelings in a certain extend.


This Chewin wig is really funky and cool.  Honestly, I like it a lot. The outfits by Rhi also looks very cool.  However, I think the long lace up boots is not a good choice. It is too noisy from top to toe and lost of focus point.


In some of the pictures, Luxe looks like Paul Pham’s Numina doll.  But in some pictures, it looks like Sydney Chase by Robert Tonner.  Oh well, I guess such comments may not be too fair to Ficon. After all, I could see that Ficon doll is doing a good job and keep improving their products!

luxe-ficon-doll-closeup copyThis Luxe set comes with doll, outfits, wig, shoes, handbag, doll stand. It has 2 extra hands but no magnetic hands are offered this time!

  Luxe6 copy Luxe7 copy Luxe8 copy Luxe9 

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