Saturday, July 17, 2010

Since Someone Asked – Body Comparison & Tried Another Trent’s Outfits, Masquerade, on The-wa!


The-wa was online for sale from 11:30pm, Bangkok time last night (16th June). LE30 was sold out in about 10 minutes’ time. 

TrentLoverInDisguiseI reported here before that The-wa could share the wardrobe of Matt and Trent. (click here, and here)

But there is a query on the yahoo group about the big difference on the body shape and design amongst Matt, Trent and The-wa, so she is wondering would other Trent’s outfits also fit. Good point!  I have no doubt about Matt’s outfits but Trent's, I only have two, so am not so sure either. Therefore, here is another attempt – Masquerade! 

The answer is “Yes” in general as you could see in the pictures here! It fits perfectly on the shirt and over coat, but the waist is too tight, and The-wa’s legs are longer. The inside buckles could not reach each other but the outer ones could.

       (First of all, a revision on The-wa on “The Rains Came” of Trent’s)    thewa-by-chewin-deva-dolls-indian-look IMG_2298

      (Now, below are shots of The-wa on “The Masquerade” of Trent’s)

  IMG_2301  IMG_2303   thewa-deva-dolls-trent-outfits-2IMG_2306  IMG_2308 IMG_2309  IMG_2311  IMG_2312IMG_2313 IMG_2314  IMG_2316  IMG_2318  IMG_2321     IMG_2304

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Mantilla by Superfrock Was For Sale Tonight

I received an email blast from Superfrock saying that Mantilla would be for sale online tonight. But I was not able to access to its website. Then I went to Prego and checked the related threads there and found that I was not the only one with access problem. Anyway, even thought the website was down,  when it was back on, Mantilla was sold out!  Hummmm…..

Mantilla copy  mantillaFULL

Mantilla is about US675 plus shipping.

Picture credit: Superfrock

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The-wa on Bollywood Outfits – One of My All Time Favorite!

 Gene_Trent_in_The_Rains_CameI have several messages exchanged with a Pregoer last night about us liking the Middle Eastern and East Indian look, so I took out my all time favorite Trent’s outfit – The Rains Came, and put it on The-wa to see how well he could pass as a Middle Eastern or an Eastern Indian.  It fits so well and he does look like a Bollywood leading man.  (The shoes is from Matt’s casual wear set, the ruby & silver bag is from India)



IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2279IMG_2278 IMG_2282 IMG_2281IMG_2280   IMG_2283 IMG_2284 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Very First Preview on The-wa Male Doll (Deva Dolls)

Note: The face up and body brushing of the The-wa pictured here does NOT represent the about-to-release official The-wa. For the official one, please refer to my previous blog (click here) & the official website 

Before the actual The-wa open for sale online, I would like to make a review on this Asian The-wa here.


Body Figure:  Although The-wa’s body shape looks so muscled and realist compare to most of the 17” male dolls in the market, he could actually fit in Matt O’Neal’s outfits without any problems.  Meaning if you have any Tonner or other OOAKs outfits that fit Matt dolls, they would also fit The-wa.  What a nice surprise! 


I have tried 2 of outfits of Matt O'Neal on The-wa – one suit, one casual wear, to test if The-wa could share Matt’s wardrobe.  The shirt and the waist of the pants are almost like tailor made. The pants length is ok, but it would be perfect if it is half a cm longer. The jacket is a bit loose though. 

More Wardrobe: Deva guys are collaborated with Chewin team on the face up, wigs and outfits for this release. I am sure those who have bought Chewin’s outfits before would agreed that those Italian suits made by Chewin’s team is unbeatable. No matter in terms of cloth quality, sewing technique and fitting, they are just perfect!  The-wa is sold as basic doll, other wigs and outfits are optional for purchase.


Feet Size:  Regarding the shoes, it fits also!  It just needs some squeezing to slide the feet in because The-wa’s sole is slightly thicker and wilder.  Especially the back of the feet is rounder. 

(The-wa Asian feet vs Russell Black Tonner doll’s feet )IMG_2227

Wig Size:  I tried Monique 5-6” wig on The-wa, it seems ok. But beware that even amongst 5-6” size wigs, the actual size could still be vary from wig to wig.


Joints:  Regarding the joints, The-wa has the same elbow joints and thigh joints as Deva.  But there is an unique design on the ankle joints by Deva guys.  It looks like those on bigger BJDs but The-wa’s hooks are under the sole instead of inside the feet. It makes the feet looks smoother and allows The-wa’s feet to twist and move in wilder angles. However, it also makes it hard to stand firm if legs are spread too wild apart.


The only complain is its ordinary knee joints like the older version of Deva. It limited its articulation.  I wish it would be doubled jointed!!


IMG_2208  IMG_2211   IMG_2214   IMG_2217    IMG_2221  IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2224   IMG_2228     IMG_2234IMG_2239        IMG_2243 IMG_2246    IMG_2254 IMG_2255  IMG_2259    IMG_2265  IMG_2268  IMG_2269

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