Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Very First Odd Size BJD with Magnetic Hands and Feet – Chicline Ruo & Lishe.

**  Doll Nudity, Please View it at your Own Discretion **

IMG_2728After almost 60 days of waiting, my Chicline Ruo and Lishe arrived at my office in a Monday morning.  I never like unnecessary elaborated packaging, especially those tacky ones.  But I think Chicline made this box just right.  It is very functional and presentable.  In a way, it is like Jamieshow’s packaging idea but more tastefully design. Chicline box has about 13cm depth that allows storing your doll safely and an additional layer to put the extra orders in (like parts, outfits etc.).  It comes with a single color detailed bi-lingual (English and Korean) handbook on the structure of this doll.

IMG_2731IMG_2739str8 comparsionruo-lishe-chicline-poseIMG_2736

My Ruo is a “natural” skin tone which is kind of shrimp pink. I always like tan skin doll but I ordered a “beautiful white” skin tone of Lishe for a challenge this time. Hum…it would take me some time to get use to this skin tone!

ruo-lishe-chicline2 ruo-lishe-chicline

I must say that I am very impressed by these dolls for a number of reasons. They are so gorgeously sculpted and in perfect proportion… …except the heads, which are obviously too tiny. 

Just like the official pictures, they could pose like dreams!  (the official pictures here in my previous blogging)  Regardless the ultra light weight of them, I have yet find any dolls that could pose so gracefully and firm like them.  Just twist them in anyway that you like and they could strike their balance with very little pose adjustment. No matter it is standing, crawling, lying on the side or back, they could do as you command. Obviously the double joints facilitate the articulation. I would think that the perfect proportion of the whole doll and how they found the gravity of it did contribute to it as well.  Check out my pictures that they could sketch their hands to touch their feet and knees gracefully which most BJD dolls could not perform “properly” from my sense of beauty.


They are great match in size and could pose like dream!


I found many similar areas on the body sculpt between Ruo and Thewa of Deva dolls, but Ruo’s hand sculpt is more expressive and Ruo could pose far much better than Thewa. 

Fairyland-thewa-homme-body comparisonThewa –> Ruo –> Lukasthewa-deva-ruo-chiclineruo pose 2

Despite the big size difference, I am surprised to see that the hand sculpt of Lishe is almost identical to Unoa Ver.2. (see the picture below) They are very gorgeous and look like Roman status!

unoa & Lishe fingersLishe vs. Unoa Cream Ver..2 – gorgeous fingers mold


Another new experience to me is that there are already some magnetic embedded inside their body that you could give them animal ears, tails, wigs instantly.  Because of the magnet sometimes when I pose them, the magnet would adhered the parts together. Like doing the single leg yoga pose or Indian dancers poses, PERFECT!

IMG_3620  Ha! Ha!  I have fun playing with the embedded magnets!IMG_3625Since Ruo is 40cm tall and Lishe is only 37cm that are odd sizes, finding them outfits and shoes is a big problems. For outfits, I read from the others that Lishe could fit in Avant Guard’s dress, but not sure about the others.  For wigs: Lishe could fit Deva and some of, not all, Avant Guard’s wig.  For shoes: Lishe also fits the shoes of Sybarite, Tonners and Kingsgate.  But I have yet able to find Ruo any shoes.  None of my action figures nor MSD shoes fit him – Sad!!! 

sybarite-tonner-shoesSybarite Shoes (Left) Tonner Shoes (Right)kingsgate-shoes

                Lishe on Kingsgate shoes

lishe-chicline lishe-faceup lishe-fairlyland-chicline   ruo-lishe-fairlyland 


        ruo-chicline (2)     ruo-back-skull

The face and neck connection mechanismruo-head ruo-lishe-neck    ruo-neck-downup     lishe-neck-security

Picture Credit:  Cliff CHAN

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