Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deluxe Fashion Closet by Tonner – What so Deluxe about it?

If my memory serves me right, Tonner have released 2 Tyler fashion closets (one ordinary, one deluxe) and 1 Matt fashion closet in early 2000s.  There are several more for other doll series, such as Effanbee, which I could not remember very clear now.

About this “so-called” Deluxe Fashion Closet, well, the outlook is very different from the pervious ones – simplicity and more butch….but wait!!!  Why there is an over-sized fringe hanging outside?  It totally does not go with that simplicity outline and macho look.  And, what about the inside?  Unfortunately, I must say that it is very disappointed….same old, same old. 

I don’t know what so “deluxe” about it…except the price is – US249.99!!!  I wish they could come up with more contemporary design ideas! 


How About a More Contemporary Wardrobe Like These?

Although this one is already more contemporary looking than the previous releases, I would like to see doll wardrobes which could truly reflect the real contemporary life style similar as the pictures below.

open-layout-wardrobe-interior-furniture-500x302 walk-in-closet-modern-wardrobe-design-500x302

Below is the official description of this deluxe fashion closet:

Store a lavish wardrobe of chic sportswear and elegant eveningwear in the luxurious Deluxe Fashion Closet.  This posh closet is encased with gleaming mylar mirrors and is secured with shimmering silver tassels.  Inside the closet is ample space to store a 16” Tonner fashion doll, along with eight shoe shelves, six accessories drawers, one spacious garment drawer, and an extensive closet bar to store and showcase a sumptuous wardrobe.  Includes 6 standard hangers.

Picture credit: Tonner Direct

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