Saturday, December 25, 2010

A World in Peace Wish in a Cold 2010 Merry Christmas In Hong Kong

Woke up this morning, opened the window, the cold wind blew directly on my face.  Lovely fresh air but a bit cold!  The temperature is probably only 11-13 degree C. 

DSC04856When I turned on the radio, listening to the news and ready to dress, I realized again that I did not have anything prepared for Christmas. It is not an unusual case to me, anyway… I have 2 friends from Thai and Malaysia visiting plus a family dinner tonight then…what next?  Probably making use of these few days holidays to prepare for my PMP examination!  But wait!!!  Before that…I must post a Merry Christmas pictures of one of my favorite doll shots here!!

May everyone has a wonder Merry Christmas and a successful 2011…and the most of all … World in Peace!!! Yea, “in peace”, I mean no war, don’t fight, especially when there is LE doll for sale online!!  Please don’t fight with me!! Thank you very much!!  Love you all !!!  :-P

 Kyori Merry Christmas Red Blooded Woman Kyori Picture Credit: Cliff CHAN
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Avant Guard + Jamieshow Project

People who know me would know how much I dislike the body of Avant Guard and its face up. AG as its name is trying to do some bold and avant guard styling. Unfortunately, I don’t think JW could deliver it successfully… at least not to me! But to be fair, I like their face moulds. Lately, I received the new generation Jamieshow body as a gift, and I found that AG’s head size fits perfectly on that body!

It is so convenient to put on and off doll heads on JS body, the posing…totally amazing!!!

Now, I have a plan on collecting AG’s heads and playing with wigs and poseing. I would have some of the heads repainted soon!

ag heads and js body Be aware that not all AG’s skin tone match with JS body. But slightly difference would not bother me much!

1usddry40gx4y Picture credit: Jamieshow, Cliff CHAN

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a Big Compliment to This Blog!!

While I was travelling overseas a week ago, I read the below thread posted by nici uk. In this thread, nici UK gave me the biggest compliment on my blog that I could ever have so far.  Then, Terri with an i and SOS also honored me with their kind words.  I could not be happier while I am reading their messages. In the past 2 years, I have been enjoy sharing my passion on fashion dolls collection through this blog.  Through this activities, I  have met many wonderful like-minded people, new collectors, doll fashion makers, promising artists etc., I feel so blessed by that!!  

This thread by nici UK in Prego is probably the best reward to me in 2010.

nici uk

Below are the copies of the original thread.  I have got the permission from nici uk, Terri with an i and SOS’s permission on copying the contents here!

My favourite blogs, whats yours?

Posted by nici ukclip_image002clip_image004clip_image005clip_image007 on 12/8/2010, 10:55 am

Hey all :-) hope everyone is enjoying the run up to the festives x
Id like to pay alittle respect two the people behind my favourite blogs and ask you what yours are so as i can find other good blogs.
Firstly my main blog i adore,
I adore this blog as it has so much about 16inch dolls and have learnt alot from Cliff, whos blog it is. I love seeing his collection and really value his opinions on everything from dolls, designs to clothes extra and he is always so polite should i ask him anything :-)
My second blog i love is
Again i adore her key eye on details. Even though terris interest lays more with FR dolls i still find her opinions hones

Thanks for the endorsement. I like my blog, too, but I do read others'. Cliff's blog is

Posted by Terri with an iclip_image002[1]clip_image004[1]clip_image002[2]clip_image007[1] on 12/8/2010, 12:05 pm, in reply to "part 2"

excellent. I like reading personal experience blogs as opposed to blogs that just copy news and announcements. I can get that anywhere.

mY kudos to Fashiondollempire od Cliff in HK.. diversiified and piognant comments

Posted by SOSclip_image002[3]clip_image004[2] on 12/10/2010, 1:11 am, in reply to "My favourite blogs, whats yours?"

anyway...the way he respect to the artist and doll makers still make his blog a nice place for all doll lovers!!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Can’t Stop Loving Deva Dolls

   In the past 12 months, the dolls which have got most of my attention and affection are Deva dolls, no matter it is a Deva or a Thewa!

For those Deva Dolls die-hard fans, I am sure they are counting on how many OOAKs are there flowing in the 2nd hand market.  Each on of them is unique and with different skin tone.  Here are a few Deva and Thewa dolls which I really like but in the private collection of some other people.

2 thewa-asian-deva-dolls2 Thewa Asian  thewa and parateeIMG_4902 tan pharatee-deva-dollstan-pharatee-deva-dolls-2  tan skin thewaThewa-asian-deva-dolls   IMG_4903

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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