Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 2 Generations of Avant Guard Bodies Review

*** Doll Nudity, please view at your own discretion ***

I have got a Jamieshow body as a gift from a friend last year. And, I have a Eclectic Avant Guard, so naturally the project of AG head on JS body came to my mind. (Previous blog here)

Last x’mas, I was lucky enough to buy 4 Avant Guard from the same seller (Thank you very much, Grant!) at a good price. So now I do not only know which AG’s skin tone could match with Jamieshow’s body which do not, but also found that there are actually 2 generations of AG’s body.lush long pale blonde

The Difference of 2 Generations:

First of all, the body shape of both generations are the same. The only different as I could see is from (1) the new knee joints and (2) the section in the lower abdominal.

(1) For the new knee joint, I do not see any functional improvement but to change its original robot look. 


(2) For the section between the lower abdominal and the hip, there probably a spring (?) inside to hook between these 2 parts. When I pull these 2 sections, there is a little tension inside. The old AG body could not twist to the side, now with the spring inside, it could twist to the side at a much larger angle.When I hold the doll head and then swing it, the old version is very swingy as if it is broken, while the new version still swingy but not as much!!

new avant guard body with spring This is the new engineered abdominal section


No Gravity & Hard to Pose:

It is funny that AG is so light in weight as if it has no gravity! Because of that she is not easy to pose or to hold any poses, she could not even sit probably without any support – unless leaning her body totally forward.

I tried to pose her and found that she could only hold the pose with big angles..not so graceful ones. The only good pose that looks graceful is to have her sit with one leg crossed behind the other leg.  Having said that I saw one AG collector from Poland (?) placed AG’s back flat on a bench with her knees bended and sole landed on the bench, one hand relax downward. That is another graceful posture of AG too.

   articulation of avant guard avant-guard-freeze-frame-body   avant-guard-lush-integrity    avant-guard-on-edge-new-body  goldmine-fashion-fuel-outfits 

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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TM said...

I only own one second generation Avantguard. That's very interesting to know.