Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cholo ayuyao accessories: Recent Works (MTO) -Bib Neckpieces

Further to my previous posts on Cholo's OOAK Antoniette, Salam (click here), and his OOAK Natalia, The Chinese Empress (click here), for Chinese New Year, I stumbled to his accessories work! These days I am very interested in beading with triable essence. Cholo's work is amazing! I have just asked Cholo that if he would consider doing it in the doll scale. I would love some of my girls and boys with these necklaces on. Cholo replied that it could be considered, if he could find the proper materials.
Picture credit: Cholo Ayuyao

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jaypee | said...

Cholo is a great artist! I have met him once during his dolls exhibit here in the philippines. :)