Sunday, February 13, 2011

More information on V3 New Body


We have seen more pictures of the V3 pictures in Prego in the past few days.  Many buyers already received their dolls and taken some great pictures. I mean they are trying hard to show the best of this V3 in their pictures. However, judging from all the pictures that I have seen, the changes (yea, I call it “changes” but not “improvement”) on Syb are big but not necessary impressive at all!!!

Click the below for the link of the body comparsion picture that I found on Flickr.

Syb Body Comparsion

(1) Taller than the older version

(2) Head is bigger, so the hard cap wigs would not fit the new head anymore. It also means that she has a big head on like Tonner dolls now.

(3) She has a longer round neck with no details.  The sexy lines on the neck is gone.

(4) The busts plate section is lowered, no good for bra or bikini.  The V-shape of her rib cage looks like the FR body. While JS body shape is rocking the fashion doll world, FR2 body has great improvement and looks similar to JS, Syb seems went backward.

(5) V3 has higher feet arch and slimmer feet, so she would not fit all old Syb shoes, or there would be plenty of hollow when she is on old shoes.

(6 ) Although V3 showed great improvement on articulation by using double knees and elbow joints, it also scarified the beauty of the body lines in the mean time.  You can see her elbows joints stucking out here and there almost in every picture.  Although the hips is slimmed down, there are extra sections cut on the hips. Syb looks like a muppet more than a top model to me now!  (Sign!) 

(7) The newly modified face (narrower nose bridge in front, higher from the side) deeper eye sockets, closer between the eyes etc. make V3 look much older and a plastics surgey friend to me!

There is no arguement that the old body, especially the huge square hips, is annoying to most doll fashion makers or collectors, yet it is better than the new one to me personally! Blam me conservative, I still prefer the older face molds like Pony (a bit rounder face) or Rosemary (slimmer face)!  This V3 makes me miss my older Sybarite!! 

Rosemary…one of my most favorite faceup Syb.


Love this styling…Although the body is not perfect but at least you would not see joints stucking out. And the square butt is well hidden.BD_06_venusMantilla copyI am going to miss this face of SybmaverickFLYER

Picture credit: Superfrock, Cliff CHAN

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Anonymous said...

I agree, those joints may be new but the only thing better is that actually has joints, the double joint on the knee is so ugly and changes the line of the leg making it look robotic, the elbow joints have to be the ugliest I have ever seen. She looks like she was made with lego's. Its really sick how so many collectors are raving about such an inferior product. Same cupped hands and your right the face looks like a botched plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to hear the truth as so many colletors dare not say anything negative about the realities of this doll. I can see that she does have more poseability but that is where it ends. They have created a homely face from what once was a beautiful Venus sculpt. She looks older and harsher, like she has had some very serious plastic surgery to hide her age. On her body, what comes to my mind is blocks and the old "Erector Sets". The elbows are horrid and her arms are ruined. The knees are ugly and have destroyed the look of a once shapely leg. . Scary to look at. Not art at all. I will never own the "new" body.Why would someone set out to ruin their own doll? It is beyond my comprehension!

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

I've just taken another look at those pics on flickr, because as I wrote before, that new Venus face seems so askew/out of balance to me.

The nose doesn't work at all. As you wrote, the bridge's too high, the nose itself is too long, the chin is too small and fleeing.

Looks like a special design for Western longnoses such as I am, but even I prefer a smaller nose with that beautifully swinging line.

Poooh...let's see what will become of Inque...

Am I wrong or is this new look a bit more coarse somehow?

My purse rejoices. I don't.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Thank you for dropping by again Petra!

Are they going to change the mold of Inque too? They have already shrinkened the size of the debute Inque during their second Inque! I began to dislike doll with big heads....I prefect smaller head on mature body which looks more elegrant to me!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Just a personal though, I think Superfrock is facing lot of pressure on their sales as I personally know quite a no. of people either stopped Syb or have stopped to ONLY collect Syb. We all know that there are many great new dolls entered the market and could be just wonderful or even better!

Obviously to me, they have over done on Sybarite's articulation and sacrified the body curve and the greacefullness of a woman's figure. I would think that the body designer did make a big mistake just like JW's miss on Avant Guard's horrible body and quality.

I would not doubt that the ownders have their own taste and preference of what a woman should be....which is not what I personally would appreciate!

I once was a Syb fan so it is kind of sad to see how the new Syb turned out to be!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cliff!

I entirely agree with you.

As I am also very disappointed in Integrity stealing their desings from runway originals, I think I'll stop collecting their dolls as well.

But, nevermind, as I am almost drowning in dolls this is a good way to stop me from buying even more.

I own the second Inque and love her very much, and there's lots of other beautiful dolls around, so maybe this is all for the best.

As you can see I am consoling myself over my disappointment. I hope it works.


Anonymous said...

P. S.: I didn't know about the difference in Inque's head sizes.

There's a first Inque on sale in Belgium, but unfortunately this doll is not in a good shape and the price is too high in this case.

As the seller didn't reply to my lesser offer, I think I'll have to wait for another occasion to buy the first Inque. She appeals very much to me.

And I also prefer smaller heads on dolls.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Petra,

You have the 2nd Inque already? I have a review on the 1st Inque in my blog here.