Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pharatee Play– My Mix & Match Girl

While I am arranging the archives, I found this set of snap shots!  Amongst of all the Deva girls that I have, I guess Pharatee is the one that I have played with most!  The reasons being she is always in the front roll in my display showcase. So whenever I have some new stuff arrived, she would be the first one to try on!  Sometimes when I woke up in the morning, I found that Pharatee has “this and that” all over her that makes me giggle! 

Anyway, here is some snap shots of Pharatee that I took in a morning before going to work.  I have got these Avant Guard pieces from a very nice seller in Australia awhile back.  They just fit Deva  wonderfully!

IMG_5558IMG_5562Pharatee on AG


IMG_5520Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Gina said...

Oh just love it Cliffy

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

M.Rollnik...thank you very much!! Glad that you love it!!