Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some of the 2011 Robert Tonner Releases


I wanted to talk about it 2 weeks ago but I wanted to wait for a little bit more to see if there would be more to review.  Anyway, I am surprised that I would be interested in the below 2011 Robert Tonner’s items, which are mainly gowns. All my friends know that I am not a gown person, I especial don’t like fish tail or bridal ones. I have no idea why there are always fish tail dresses in every single release.  To me asymetric layers and use of mix frabic somehow shows more attitude and personality! .  See through style is also one of my favorite!  So you can why I would pick the below items…..except for their prices!!!  I am happy to see that fashion-wise of Robert Tonner 2011 releases have some nice surprises!Antoinette sweepingAM11ChiffonPleasantBlouse1008Tonner-tyler-fire-opalamerican-models-anna-kareninaamerican-models-shirred-pants

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