Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superfrock V3 Is for Order Online Now (8th Feb. 2011)

                              ****  Updates (10th Feb. 2011)  ****
That was fast, someone has already received their V3 and uploaded pictures to Flickr.  Ok, below are the points either from my observation or told by my dolly buddy.
(1) V3 has new engineered body with double joints on elbows and kness;
(2) the upper torso could now twist better;
(3) the hips are not as huge and square as it used to be.
(4) It seems they have also modified the face. Judging from the pictures, V3 has narrower nose in the front view, with higher nose bridge on the side view;
(5) the eyes socket seems closer (or is it caused by the faceup?)
(4)+(5) It makes her feature look much tougher and very old FMHO!
(6 ) One important point is that she has even higher feet arch then before. Meaning that V3 could NOT fit some old shoes.

Just got the email from Superfrock about the their V3 DD_025 for sale online.  This time Superfrock provided 2 pictures instead of just one.  It is the very first doll they released in 2011. I wonder if the long discussed new Sybarite body would be used in this one….but no news in the email or hints in the official description at all (see the description in the end of this blog).  But I have noticed 3 other changes instead: (1) Sybarite has more jewellery than the previous releases (2) she has “growth up” alot …You know what I mean! And (3) wow…a big price increament from GBP327.5 to GBP438!!!  (Remember this price listed is in GBP but not US$!!!!)

V3 DD_025 
VENUS d' Royce clone: 779, original skintone!
Pale tones, twinkling stones... platinum diva extraordinaire!
Chiffon floral draped gown with pale salmon hose, strappy pink and blush stiletto sandals and divine Jewels (an Acquired Wealth debut!)!
Includes, pale salmon fur stole, dollstand and applied eyelashes.
*actual production shown .
In stock ready to ship

Price: £438.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Picture credit: Superfrock (

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like that new a body, same hands, same knee, only elbows and top torso look new, and the elbow joints are really ugly, also the face sculpt looks fat. If it is a new body why not advertise that and show it? Not really into the look of this doll especially for over $700 US.

Anonymous said...

this dolls looks like another doll i seen before

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comment about the body..why not show more of it..why not do a body comparison between the old and the new.
I do think the face looks a little better than some of the older models.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

I don't own V3, so I could not post comparsion picture here. But somebody did in Flickr.

Anonymous said...


I've sat in front of my laptop undecided if to buy her or not.

As I was pondering too long she sold out before I came to a decision.

I just didn't know about her face -and after looking at her pics on flickr still don't. Something's askew...

Maybe I should get me a gilt & fortune Venus?