Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swallow Sybarite–a Great Theme Doll…no more these days??

swallow-sybarite-really-can-flyI used to be a fan of Sybarite. I started my collection of Sybarite when I came across the hot discussion on Prego by chance on the day that Haute Couture Magazine exclusive Sybarite was for sale online.  In order to eligable to order one Sybarite, I subscribed HC magazine for 2 years implusively.  I was lucky to be able to order Skye (although I prefer the other one more)!  Then my serious collection started to grow from Snow Baby onwards….Couture Salon, Pony, Rosemary, Parsley, Swallow, Inque….

Since V3, the modified face mold and newly engineered body of Sybarite, released, I began to miss my Sybarite. In my opinion, all the new changes have distroyed Sybarite.  They have changed something they should not have changed (e.g.: face, nose, eyes…yuck!). And also changed something, such as elbows, hips, thigh  joints, in an incapble way) That makes me miss the Sybarites that I used to have.  Swallow is actually very nice in terms of great theme, design, styling, quality, as well as the tiny little touches such as the scratches and the wings!!   I searched my archiev and found these pictures!  I just LOVE them!!




Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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tinyseams said...

Swallow is a gorgeous doll as well as the new V3! I like both dolls very much! V3 seems very popular from the comments I have read at Prego plus V3 has sold for a very high price ($1300) on Ebay!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello there. Thank you for dropping by!

I am glad that people got what they prefer and like!!

It is fun to see so many varieties in the doll community and people loving different dolls for differnt reasons!

Anonymous said...

For Linda on V3 at $1300 on ebay, I say great! I hope that all doll prices climb back up. I saw Tic and Toc go for over $1200 right after their release also but no more. As for Swallow - she was one of my favorites (I still own her as well as a few other older beauties).

Cliff, I love your photos of Swallow. My photos of Swallow are also some of the most beautiful I have ever taken of my beloved Sybarites in the past.

It is a good thing that there are different tastes in the doll world. Not all Sybarite owners are snobs but it is the ones that were that turned me off to Sybarite collecting. However when C&D released the faces of Ivory and Voltair I did not like them. I loved the original Venus Mold. The new Sybarite, IMHO has lost her beautiful face, as far as the original Venus is concerned and her body, which once had something alive in it - is no more.

I'm glad that those that love it do so. She will live on in the hearts of the elitists and I will remain to admire the "oldies" and spend my money on something that more resembles the human body.

I am posting as anonymous for the same reason that "everyone" SAYS that they "love" love the new body.
You have no idea how nasty some Sybarite elitists can be if you dare say something negative about their doll or the maker. It can completely destroy the fun of collecting and I will not open myself up to that ever again!

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

What beautiful photographs of Swallow.

When I first read about the new Sybarite body I didn't expect there to be a new face mold, too.

This face eventually kept me from buying the doll, even though I'd only seen the photograph on the Superfrock site and just didn't know it was new.

I very much liked the Ivory, Inque and Voltaire molds. And I've always bought Sybarites because of their beautiful faces, as the bodies were not perfect. Now they've become even less so.

As for collectors becoming abusive, this is a phenomen you can watch on other doll blogs as well. Beats me, actually.

It's about the dolls, not their owners. And tastes differ.

Sometimes I think there's a kind of people who are so frustrated that they have no other way to let off steam than by becoming personal and extremely unfriendly.

A pity it is, though.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

To: Annonymous & Petra,

First of all, I must say that I have NO intent whatsoever to upset any designers or collectors, I just voice out my personal opinion honestly with respect! I don’t doubt a single moment on different perspectives between : Asian vs. Westerner; male vs female, conservatives vs contemporary. We could all see things so differently and freely without boundary. That is the interesting part of life!!!

Secondly, thank you for being “brave” to write your honest comment here!  I always love honest opinions; no matter it is positive or negative. Giving my collection background that I started it with action figures since I was a kid, so I trend to pay attention to the details on articulation, function, design, lines etc. What I concern may not be someone else’s worries. I truly respect the varieties. I believe it is the variety that makes the doll world always full of excitement!

I have heard of something “bully”, something “nasty” happened after people have given minor negative comments such as doubts on Syb then they were kicked out from “that” Syb group or burned at doll forums. Although, I do not have the details of the stories, no matter what it is, being so extreme and obsessive is kind of sad things to see. I truly feel so sorry for those poor souls who are living in a prison but without knowing it!

On the other hands, there are quite a number of open minded Syb fans that I have known for a few years. And they always share their joy of Syb collection with me from time to time. Without any doubt, I am honored to share their “Sybariative” joy!

I love to see varieties of dolls and love to see how they evolve. So, it is kind of sad to see their negative attitude towards criticisms.


aquabluerose said...

I absolutely LOVE my Sybarites. For me, they have the Ultimate 'Haute Couture' face which is actually the most important feature to me.

I happen to love seeing all dolls and admire different dolls for various features.

If people are into labeling collectors, I think we have to be fair and say that there appears to be 'snobs' and 'elitists' in any group of fans devoted to their choice of doll/dolls...It is NOT just the Sybarite collectors at all! I personally do not like these terms and do not use them. Labeling collectors is very abhorrent and childish to me and, truthfully, gets me very annoyed.

What is the point of 'doll wars' anyway? Deva V. Sybarite V. Ficon V. Numina...etc.? Isn't the most important issue that you love and enjoy your doll? There is absolutely nothing wrong in discussing pros and cons of different dolls. It is the sheer nastiness in these discussions that leave me cold.

My sincere hope is that collectors get the focus back on enjoying their dolls and get off this negative cycle I see of late.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Even though I live in Germany I am in a kind of shock about what happended in Japan, a country I had the pleasure to visit once.

So while googling I found the latest pictures of the Paris dollexpo Sybarite via some blog.

Her new face puts me off, I can't help it. It somehow reminds me of Patricia Laffan, the probably nice lady who played the haughty and very unlikable Poppea in the 1951 classic "Quo Vadis".

The gown is gorgeous, though. Not very much Ranaissance, but beautiful.

But for the dolls, to me they've lost it.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Yea, I was so shocked about the earthquate news of N.E Japan too! When I was studied in Japan, oh well way back in 1995, the Hanshin earthquare was already devastated..this time is even worse!! Pray for the innocent people there!

I saw the Paris Sybarite doll from the same blog too. I like the light blue gown but surely not her lengthy face, plain faceup nor wig. Her eyebrow is one higher then the other. Hair line is way to backward which makes her face look even longer...and honestly, she looks a bit transversitile to me!

However, those are snap shot, maybe she would look better in real!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cliff!

I am quite glad you agree.

Sometimes, even on better photo-graphs, the Syb V3 face looks a bit askew, as if the mouth was
out of center.

You see, I am very disappointed.

So now I hope their won't be any meltdowns in Japan. The people have suffered enough already.