Friday, February 25, 2011

Tan Apsara–Blue or Pink? Let me be Blue this time!


tana-apasa-11tan-apasara-19I have lots of fun taking pictures with this tan Apsara. She has upper and lower lashes, which gives her an ultra sexy Asian look to me.  I always love open mouth with full lips, so kissable!!   I took 2 sets of pictures of her, one in blue, one in pink.  She fits in both color! Here is the BLUE set.



tan-apsara-16tan-apsara-32tan-apsara 13tan-apsara-closeuptan-apsara-close-up 2tan-apsara-deva-dollstan-deva-dolls-apsara

tan-apasara-8Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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smidge girl said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm a fan of the open mouth too-- her lips are perfection!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

smidge: Great mind thinks alike (:-P)


Christina said...

Wow this doll looks like me =)