Sunday, March 13, 2011

100% Action Price for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund - New Wigs for Deva Dolls, Sybarite and the Numina on eBay by Pattaart


The devastated earthquake & tsunami hit the N.E. Japan badly last Friday!  Pattaart has just posted 6 pictures of her wig creations on eBay. The auction price of one of the wigs, Japanese Young Lady, is for charity. It says that “100% of auction price for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund - a Global Giving Project” .

Pattart’s wig is top notch quality and fits the named dolls like a glove!  I have a few of them and just love them!!! 

Let’s pray for and also help those innocent people!!  God Bless!

WSLS02V01-01Japanese Young Lady

WSLS02V01-12WSBB02R25-16WDBB02R25-04WDBB02R01-09Picture credit: Pattaart

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