Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Fashion Royalty–My Picks


I have been waiting for the pictures and news on the 2011 Fashion Royalty releases. Terri and Stratos’ blog have given very detailed information with great pictures.  I have 4 “WOW” when I was reading their blogs.

2011 FR group

(1) Wow! So many dolls!  How could they manage each of them and remember them all?

- It seems the list and pictures are never ending when I was scrolling down to see all of them. There are so many charaters that I have never heard of. However, their faces are somewhat similar to some others!  It would take me some time and effort to distingish them all – and honestly I am in puzzle!

Who are they? Kind of interesting! I like both!2011In_The,Trenches

(2) Wow!  They are all in “uniform” look – trent coats, high waist  long pants or short pants.

What a tough job to make something similar yet different. What if collectors just don’t like this style, then it would leave them no choice on buying any dolls!  On the contrary, if collectors love this style, then they would be on the edge to buy every single one of them! If they could not afford them all, then they would be in a difficult situation (Hehe!)

Adele’s style is my favorite! 

2011 Adele2011 Kesenia-

       This bride of Draculs looks like Vanessa to me!

2011 Kesenia-8

This sunglass has been using since FR has sunglass. When will they produce a better one?

2011 Eugen2011 Isha

Isha looks very pretty but like a carton character & no more a Bollywood star!

(3) Wow!  The new face mold of my favorite girl Vanessa looks somehow similar to Kyori now!  

- What is actually in JW’s mind? Why would he need to kill such a popular girl’s face mold.  I rushed into my doll room and admired all my Vanessa for a while.  Thanks God, they are safe!  Then I made a big sign and continue seeing other pictures.

2011 vanessa2011 Veronique

Veronique (RHS) looks older and lesser sweet with her new face mold.

Her sister Vanessa (LHS) has a new face mold similar to her but it turned out to be more like a sister of Kyori now!  (Big Sign!!)2011 Lukas

(4) Wow!  Many new male dolls (esp. on DG line)! 

- Oh, wait … are they sharing the same face mold just with different skin tone??!!  Anyway, my long wait of tan Lukas is over! But what a strange hair style and faceup….He looks like a playline doll instead a character from the premium line FR.  Having said they I think I will try the DG new guys as they are very affortable!

2011 IT new boys2011 Check Mates2011 Lukas tan2011 victor james = takeo in tan2011 poppy parkerDominiqueFR11ImpossibilyBeautiful2FR11RareAppeal2FR11Flawless

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D7ana said...

Thanks for the photos AND your comments.

Thinking ....

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


You are most welcome. I tried to order some guys online but all already sold out on pre-order!

Anonymous said...

Too many shorts on the new line dolls-they have gone cheap on the outfits imo. I love Auden-Most Beautiful Boy but he is sold out everywhere-don't know if I like him enough to pay Ebay prices...regarding the "tan Lukas" he reminds me too much of Johnny Depp !

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Annoymous: I don't want to pay eBay price as well. Just be patient and wait for a year, if you are not in any rush to have the dolls that you wanted. Some people are forced to buy the whole line in order to get what they wanted, some just did implusive buying during pre-order period...then the dolls that you wanted maybe found again in the 2nd hand market in full set or just nuded! I waited for a long time before I could find a great price nude white hair Lukas!