Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mix & Match or Not Match? Let Me Be The Judge!

People always having fun on mix and match. However, whether the mix is match or not match, the line is blurry.  For instance, we often see many bold design on the catwalk that we do not really understand or appreciate but they get great reviews!  Another example is that the [Runway Project] juries always critising on those I like and praising on those design which I find so awful!  Oh well, who say that we have to follow those famous people’s sterotypes, or have to see things from their persepective?

Here is the random mix & match of Pink & Black, soft & wild” by me.  Match or not match?  When I feel happy about the outcome, that is a good match already.  Below is the coordination of this Pink & Black:

  • Daphne is a repaint by Freddy in Singapore,
  • body is Jamieshow,
  • the hat is from Billy doll,
  • the top is from a 12” doll which has no name,
  • necklace is from human size wrist lace
  • the diamond bracklet (not pictured clearly) is a human ear ring.
  • the pants is from Sybarite
  • shoes by Jamieshow
  • pink fur is human size neckwarmer made of real rabbit hair
  • …Oh almost forgot…the stand is by Avant Guard… 吐舌頭


Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Anonymous said...

Well, the color match is fine---but I find a problem with a 3/4 naked girl carrying a FUR. It just doesn't make sense. And the "nautical touch" of the hat is even MORE "inconsistent"--so this "mix" to me is not good, although the colors may MIX well, the pieces themselves don't mix, IMHO.
Good question, though!

Anonymous said...

I think it is total fun and you really know how to pose that JAMIEshow body! Great photo and fun mix up! Who cares if it matches. LOL.

Vanessa said...

This outfit works for me. It is the perfect seduction outfit. She can make someone very happy! This body allows for great movement, which she would need for the seductive dance. This is better than any lingerie you would buy at the store.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I think it's awesome and totally works! (I stick my tongue out at the first commenter!)