Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sen, the Paris Exhibition Exclusive Asian Numina by Paul Pham

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJudy Moore, a wonderful dolly buddy of mine, has sent me the pictures of Sen, the LE10 Paris Convention exclusive Numina doll by Paul Pham.  It is the same Asian face mold as the FDQ exclusive doll Devon. She reminds me of a famous actress Shu Qi, which, honestly, not my cup of tea.  However, after seeing more pictures of this Asian face Numia in different styles and wigs, I began to like her unique look!   This Sen Devon is stylish and I like her purple theme!


This debute Devon reminds me of a famous Asian actress Shu Qi!paul-numina-asian-face

Picture credit: Paul Pham (http://dollcis.com)

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blove said...

Is very cute but the articulations are weird.

ayukislove said...

i lover her beautiful

wish i had money to buy basics dolls

like this

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Ayukislove: I wish you all the luck in getting one soon!

ayukislove said...

thanks you
i wish one day i see a nude one for 200 dollars but if does not happen
might stick with my dolls and
maybe in the future make a doll creation and learn how to make a doll using clay and resin


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Ayuislove: I guess US200 for a nude Numina doll is quite impossible unless it is a broken one. But one could only dream!

On the other hand, since you are good at customerizing your own dolls....yea...create your own line of dolls....that would be something wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ayukislove!

As I am doing heads in doll clay every now and then I really should make some bodies.

Which I don't like doing at all, I am clumsy at that. As for the heads, I am still training as well.

But maybe I can push myself to do more bodies...

I just can't keep pace with the galopping inflation in doll prices nowadays.


ayukislove said...

thank you cliff and petra

angel doll said...

Thank you for let me know this beautiful doll.I have ever known her name but have not seen her.GREAT!!!!!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Angel Doll: You are most welcome. And thank you very much for dropping by!