Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Suprise”s” from Philippines–by Cholo

Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (10)

It is only 3.5 months since 2011 has started but Cholo has been giving me nice suprises one after the other!  I received these 3 pieces OOAK from Cholo last week – (1) An assymetric  tulle  blue gown that show the long legs and sexy female body curve,(2) a upper body dripping beading ornate, and (3) a rock jeans with lots of details.   I only gave Cholo a blurry comparison picture of Deva vs. Avant Guard.  Then he could guess the exact measurement of Deva Doll as if he had a Deva doll on hand!

I don’t know how to describe the items but I guess my pictures would tell you all the details!

Deva-dolls-pharatee-cholodeva-dolls-pharatee-cholo1deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo22deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo3deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo8deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo4deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo9deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo11deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo23deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo12deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo21deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo111Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloismPharatee-deva-dolls-choloism5Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism14Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism8IMGPharatee-deva-dolls-choloism11_5961Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism6Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (9)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism22Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism18Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (3)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (4)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism16Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (5)

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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blove said...

The first doll dress is gorgeous, I love it.

Eiko82 said...

WOW, your dolls look absolutely amazing!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Eiko82: Thank you very much!! I am glad that you like my dolls!