Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two The-wa Met – Oh…Not Really A Twins!

My tan Thewa of Deva Dolls has arrived for a while. I ordered some wigs from Chewin and hoping that my prototype Thewa and tan Thewa could share them. However, I found that the wigs could not fit my prototype Thewa as I have expected. After some serious comparison, then I realized that the face shapes, the head size, even the nose of these 2 Thewas are slightly different. Tan Thewa has smaller head, sharper face shape, slimmer nose.


Beside of these points, the ball joint in the back of the knee have slimmed down, which makes it look better. Tan Deva has an extra cut section above pelvis that enhanced a better articulation on twisting and sitting! However, he still has single knee joint which has hidden the ability of posing. Posing with him is still not that easy at all!

tan thewa and normal asian thewa-2


I enjoyed my photo shooting sections with these 2 hunks, but I have come across difficulties on giving the proper lighting due to their big contrast skin tone.  Any good tips please?

thewa on platinum wigpurple-tan-thewa-deva-side3tan-deva-dolls-no.1tha-thewa-scrafttha-thewa-deva-redtan-thewa-deva-doll-on-blonde-2


changing-room-thewa-tan-asian-deva-dolls-2tan thewa and normal asian thewatan thewa and normal asian thewa2

tha-thewa-deva-dolls-asian-thewa-fur-2Tha The-wa

Picture Credit: Cliff CHAN

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Anonymous said...

These male dolls are so great. Thanks for posting these pictures!

Aurora said...

Your photos of both of these guys are wonderful Cliff. I always enjoy reading your blog! Aurora

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Anonymous, Auora,

Thank you very much for your compliment, and I am realy glad you enjoy my blog!!!


Richard said...

I am in love with these dolls and your site!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Richard: Thank you very much for your compliment! These Thewa dolls are amazing! If they could further improve the articulation, it would be even greater!!