Saturday, May 14, 2011

Colorvision Doku–Fugu Face Mold


“Doll Reader” has featured the 4 new dolls of the Colorvision series by Superfrock last week.  Then I saw the first of this series, DOKU, for sale on line about an hour ago.

Beware that NOT all of the items in the picture are included. It says:


Below is the offiicial description copied from

doku 2 pictures Sybarite


Doku DD_027
GEN 3:2 PREMIER [pats. pending]! (What does that mean?)

Fugu clone: 0702, pale skintone!
Vicious tones, blue lips... this girl speaks no english!
Bright light blue hose, and tulle blouse, black and natural white origami jacket embroidered in metal pyramids, custom print grosgrain skirt, belted in double layer grosgrain ribbon with metal arrow 'buckle'. metal accent pale blue shoes with transparent heel and overlay, matching light blue clutch bag and wig of electric blue pink and powder blue in a simple ponytail with fringe and sideburns!
'clam catcher' hat.
Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.
*prototype shown .
In stock ready to ship

Price: £458.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Anonymous said...

What's with Prototype written all over the images, if they are in stock why do they show a prototype image? I also see they managed to cover all the ugly joints with clothing on this one! A for effort and wildness, but $800 bucks for that! It's just too much for any human living in this realty! and this is the least weird of all the crayola vision dolls.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Thank you for dropping by.

Someone likes it, someone could not bond with it. As long as you are happy on what you have paid for...that it is something good!

According to what I have read on doll forums or yahoo groups about the 2011 Sybarite, some seems extremely happy with what they have paid for!

Honestly, I am happy for them as Sybarite price is going up like GBP100 on each edition (correct me if I am wrong). Whether it worth that amount of money, whether it is a big amount or a pin-nuts, it is totally depends on individuals!

I like the daring color expressions on their Colourvision girls. But, to me this is the less attractive amongst all 4. It pretty much looks like a personal DIY by putting on whatever one can find in the human size product markets. I mean it does not seems to be something exclusively molded, cast and produced. Just my personal offense..

Anonymous said...


As I have not had the possibilty to look at the other Colourvision dolls' photographs, I cannot say if I'd like the others better or not.

But I simply love this doll and I bought her.

Unfortunately the prices really rise every year... so I hope I won't fall all too much in love with the other dolls from this series.

To me Doku is highly original. I love her eye-shadow and wig colouring. I hope the facial features look a bit better in natural. But as I thought I'd never buy a Sybarite again, I am quite glad they designed something special.

Tastes differ. But I adore that clam hat.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Petra,

First of all, Congrats on getting one Doku. Since she is already in stock, I am sure you would be able to have the doll on hand in no time! Exciting, isn't it? Please tell me how you like Doku after you have her on hand!!

Yes, tastes vary~! I would prefer Tangi (Venus) and Apple (Inque) in this serious!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting so many people get their Syb and rave about it and post pictures like crazy, only to turn around a few days later and offer it for sale for double what they paid for it. I know lots of syb collectors who regret they ever swam in that pond. Half the people that buy them only buy them to resell them, they create the hype, they would never say anything bad about them, otherwise they can't sell them for more than they paid. There's nothing special about the dolls, and the new bodies are by far the ugliest BJD bodies on the market. Its really sad no one can tell the truth, without being ridiculed or torn apart.

Anonymous said...

I think her Make up is Cutesy! Though those Blue Lips make it seem like her belt is so tight that she is suffocating. Lol JK! Love her outfit! But I would rather wait to see whats coming from DEVA this Month!

Its really sad to me.. to see adults bashing one another over dolls. I really wish we would just get along and really make it a HAPPY WORLD! We only live once lets make the best of it! And Make lots of Dolly friends :)


Anonymous said...

Hello again!

As for me, I have never resold a Sybarite nor any other doll. I am a collector and not a dealer.

I didn't like the first four V3.1Venus girls because of their new face. And I was not happy about the body, either.

But I have up to now not seen one entirely beautiful BJD body. In my opinion Araki Gentaro's creations come closest to perfection and I greatly admire his dolls and have made some (ridiculous) efforts to buy some of them.

I saw Fugu Doku and loved her - as for price hyping: as long as Doku's on sale at Superfrock this is very unlikely to happen. And I have to say that as a collector the people who only buy to resell annoy me a lot.

Cliff, I hope to have Doku on hand soon, as she luckily won't have to go through German customs, who really make my life miserable quite often.

I found a picture of Colourvision Inque on flickr: well, she's hot too. But unfortunately I don't coin money...

Best regards


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Anonymous x 2...sorry since you guys/gals did you put down your name, I could not address you properly...

I sincerely hope that when you leave comment next time, you could leave me your name/nickname or whatever names so that I could address your comment individually!

Anyway, WELL PUT, dear! Our tastes are vary, doll design varies and that is part of the fun of this dolly world!

We can criticize and point out the short-coming constructively. Only by doing so, the manufacturers and designer would understand the market demand more, and eventually collectors could benefits by the improvement.

A good example is Jamieshow. They have been perfecting their products by listening to customers' feedback and act promptly.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Petra, so do you mean you are not in Germany now and going to receive your Doku somewhere else?

I feel your pain about the custom duty in Germany, I sent a doll to Italy for OOAK, and the artist was charged US60 for custom duty...That artist is so kind that he did not ask me to pay for it!

There are some great people in this dolly world.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Annoymous: I like how you described the lips color....But do you know that DOKU in Japanese means "Poison"? Probably she is being poisoned...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cliff!

I am in Germany right now and luckily Great Britain is a member of the EU, so German customs won't interfere here.

By the way, they charge approx. 24 % of the buying price, sometimes in- and sometimes excluding shipping cost. Probably depending on their daily mood... and they really tike their time doing so.

Therefore I hope so much to receive Doku soon.

There are six meanings for DOKU in Japanese I found: poison 毒, blasphemy 涜, skull 髑,alone 独, reading (a book) 読 and to get out of the way 退.

Might well be poison then, due to her colouring.

One reason I don't sell dolls is that I might get into touch with one of those persons who behave so unfriendly on the internet.

So thanks a lot to the second anonymous writer for some grown up words.


Anonymous said...

i notice they change her facemold

Anonymous said...

a very monster doll ,ugly ,fragile and squint,for collectors blind .