Monday, May 2, 2011

Poppy Parker–I Love How You Love Me Set Arrived

IMG_6697 拷貝

Poppy Parker’s I Love How You Love Me set (Dolls Magazine’s Exclusive W Club Doll) arrived. This is the very first full exclusive gift set that I have as I usually go for nude dolls in the secondary market. This set has a cute pink box with a big pink ribbon on the side to tie it up. The doll has very nice slightly tan skin tone with light shinny blonde hair. I love her hairstyle, which reminds me of Sissy of The Family Affairs of the 60s.


But too bad that the hair is very thin, there is no hair on the back of her skull which is just covered by the top ponytail. It is very disappointing! As in most cases, people like to take down her hair and restyle it! This Poppy would not have enough hair to do so. Actually, the cost for that little patch of hair is very cheap indeed. It would not help to save much cost to the manufacturer but to leave a bad impression to customers instead.


IMG_6680 拷貝IMG_6681IMG_6689IMG_6695IMG_6701IMG_6702 拷貝IMG_6703IMG_6700IMG_6707 拷貝IMG_6708IMG_6712IMG_6715IMG_6684IMG_6682IMG_6691

This Poppy set came with 3 sets of outfits and matching shoes and slippers. So with just one set, your Poppy could dress for 3 occasions.

(1) Party: This is the set I like the best – A one-piece silky look white dress with embroidery in the front. The collar is smooth and elegant. It has a ¾ sleeves length white overcoat with pattern to go with. A pair of short white stretchable glove, stocking, a cheap looking purse and a head ribbon, also a pair of slightly high heels matching shoes.

(2) School Day: A red one piece dress with white top, flat red shoes and a very nice stocking with pattern. I wish they would include some textbooks as diorama.

(3) Night time at home: A pajama with a slipper. This is something basic 60s looks. It looks very cheap in quality but the scale of the checker is just perfect for 1/6 dolls.

I love how you love me Poppy ParkeroPictures Credit: Cliff CHAN

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