Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elfas’ Sister Atina is Ready to See You All

Atina 07

This is a very hot one – Elfas’ sister Atina.  She is even better and more chic than Pharatee’s sister Nantha.  Atina’ face mold is modified from Elfas and she looks just great in this pale skin tone with this funky hairstyle. I guess I would have to sit up all night for her.  Atina will be online for sale tonight at 11:30pm Bangkok time!  She is LE20 and the same price at US585 plus EMS.

Atina 01Atina 02Atina 03Atina 04Atina 05Atina 06

Picture credit: Deva Dolls

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maverika said...

She's perfect!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


Yea, I think so too!

Alison in CA said...

I normally don't fall for resin fashion dolls, but this girl--wow! I need to stop looking. :) she's just gorgeous!