Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reminded Me of My School Project–New Releases from Superfrock

I have been running here and there for business trips lately and were not able to get online as frequent as I wanted. Not until my dear dolly friends both from Australia and Hong Kong mentioned to me about their new purchase of Sybarite – Geometry, had I then visited and found that they have also released another outfits set - Picnic Magnet outfits.

Some Insight from Friends:

Both of my friends told me that the elbow joints of the Geometry have been improved by showing only one piece when they are bended; and that the slip-on shoes with metallic plat are cool in style - although the front is too sallow that it could not stay on. Plus there is a hook stuck out from the ear lobs for hanging ear-rings. Although she has no idea whether the hook could be removed from the lobs or not, you could further accessorizing her with more fun!

Reminded Me of My School Project:

To me, both pieces somehow reminded me of my primary school art project which my teacher asked us to recylce old magazines, cloth, candy wrapings, food packaging, anything we could recycle of, and sticked them on a paper to form our own art!

I could not help but notice why there is a blue feather ponygirl headpiece on Geometry! Is it inspired by the Circus? Having said that I sometimes appreciate how C&D surprise doll lovers. It may not please everyone but it spiced up the dolly world with their wild imagination!


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SYB_741PICNICALLY SPEAKING.... Venus LOVES the frock...
but, as she he walked across the manicured lawn; the heels of her delicate pink strappy 'leather' and tulle sandals sunk into the damp ground....
A dungaree style frock of delicious pink gingham, brown polka dots, blue mini polka dots and pansy print become the delightful patchwork accented by pink satin dungaree top with buckles, and floaty ruffly hemline. Patchwork embroidered in metallic components.
A sheer blue tulle separate petticoat and a divine metal & mini polka blue pouch bag.
Fabulous pink sandals, nude hose & I hate picnics attitude!
Forget the burned cookies and hand me a glass of champagne!
Ed 100
Price: £142.86 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Venus d' Royce clone: 779, regular skintone!

Like a Goddess... no excuses!
Bright magenta hose, and multicolor corset embroidered in harlequin grid metal components and yellow grosgrain flat bow, feather photographic print strapless glamour chaps with heavily embroidered hemlines interdispersed with transparent gauze, custom print reverse satin square slink skirt slashed up the front. Metal accent magenta closed toe sling back shoes and crimped wig of electric magenta and lime in a simple centre part flowing to below her waist!
'ponygirl' headpiece of steel with electric blue plume.
Includes doll stand and applied eyelashes.
ED: 100

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Anonymous said...

I thought there was something familiar about those designs Basic Drawing class. Yes! They seem just dumb to me but worse of all is that elbow, it went from bad to worse, and why are there hooks for earings? is it because they can't pierce the cheap plastic the doll is made of without it chipping apart? WTF And as for the faces of these new dolls, they looking nothing like sybs anymore, they look like old women. honestly think this line has gone from bad to worse.

Kelsie - MGD said...

Great write up...I would not say no to Geometry coming to live with me, if only my budget would allow.

As for Picnic Magnet...The dress is cute but nothing special but the purse...It looks like they grabbed grandma's old coin purse out of her handbag and gave it to the doll...Like I did so many times growing up for my Barbie.

Blessings Kelsie

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


You have spoken my words about the purse. I totally have the same feeling towards it - A human size scale "pretends' for dolls! So do those silver spike, and the buckles! Very low cost productions!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


My friend said that the elbows have been improved since the last V3. It seems that they have done something to improve it, so the lower part of the joints would not stick out as it was!

When I saw all these lately releases, me and other friends all think that they look like random DIY by using human scale stuff for 1/4 doll scale.

Hope the Syb die-hard fans won't flame me here!

Anonymous said...

There is a feather headpiece on Geometry because her fashion is rethinking version of Dior couture gown from egyptian collection, Alek Wek wore it on the catwalk.

Anonymous said...

the second bjd monster of 2011 , candidate to be one of the ugliest dolls to ever, crooked mouth, nose crooked, crooked eyes , for older collectors blind.