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Chaiyan (Nune) – A Part-time Model, A University Teacher, Now a Doll Artist

The 2nd Wave of Introducing Asian Artists

In the end of 2010, I said there are 3 very talented Asian artists whom I have know and would like to introduce here. Cholo Ayuya (click here) from Philippines was the first one being introduced. The 2nd one who I would like to introduce is Chaiyan from Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is also known as Nune2007 in doll forums.

After 3 years of planning and hard working, Chaiyan is about to release the very first doll of his creation, Sahara of “Immortal Classique” (LE 5 only), a fully customized porcelain BJD at 13.5 inches tall. It will be for sale online on this Friday night (28th) midnight Bangkok time (time converter here) at his website “Immortal Classique(click here). The dolls are already available and nicely packed in a special designed box for shipping worldwide.

immortal classic shahara

What is “Immortal Classique”:

Immortal Classique is all about affection, love and romance that truly reflect who Chaiyan is (from my understanding of who he is :-P). Someone who believes true love is there and it never dies. The inspiration of Immortal Classic is mainly from the movies or real stories. This could be an impression about love like Romeo and Juliet or Mulan Rouge. When you visit his official website (click here), you will understand what I mean.

sahara-bjd-immortal-classic nune 2007-immortal classic 

The “Immortal Classique” Project:

Chaiyan’s working on Immortal Classique is not a secret. I am sure some of you must have seen his works somewhere before. Along the way of his creation from the sketches, he has been sharing his dreams with all his friends and followers in Facebook (click here), his own blog (click here) and BJD forums, such as DOA and some others.

immortal classic news clip 

In order to perfect his creations, Chaiyan has exhibited some prototypes at local doll conventions/exhibitions to collect doll lovers’ feedback. (e.g.: Doll Fete', Fairy Tales, Creative Art at River City etc.) Although he has yet released any porcelain BJDs, the local publicity have already reported on his creations by giving him full pages exposure. A few collectors wanted to buy his dolls on spots but he refused to do so until he is completely satisfied with his creations.

 immortal classic interview

immortal class news clip 2

About this Porcelain Doll:

- The image:

By following the dream of having his own dream doll, Chaiyan created a very young models with small breasts, long legs and arms like those skinny teens who aim to be a super model at their early age - with youthful charm and cutie innocent look. It is versatile enough to carry either period costumes or trendy catwalk pieces. This 33-year-old doll-maker has a gift for drawing and painting, and his beautiful dolls are inspired by art, particularly the works of Ray Caesar and Mark Ryden. 13.5 inches bjd

- The composition:

Immortal Classique doll has 20 pieces and 14 joints, including articulated neck, shoulders, elbow, hips, and knees. All the pieces are hooked with springs and wire. They are engineered to enable a doll to pose in deep angle including sitting on the floor with legs tucked back, to one side, as well as sitting crossed-legged.

sahara-immortal-classic-bjd sahara back bjd

- Ultra Limited Edition:

Each Immortal Classique doll is hand painted with China paints by Chaiyan himself. With at least 6 times of firing in the kiln, the paint could stay with the doll forever, anti-UV without color fading or yellowish as time passes.

Since it is a personal workshop and Chaiyan sculpts and paints all the dolls by himself, so the edition could only be 4-5 pieces a month.


- The Ensembles:

The wig, costumes are all hand made one by one. Highly detailed craftsmanship is employed in the outfits’ embroidery and other ornaments such as headpieces, ear rings, shoes, etc. They are made as if they were meant for a real woman, not a doll. The ensembles could be make of silk, crystals, stones, metal and all sorts of materials that could actualize the characters.

sahara-bjd  sahara-immortal-classic-2

Ambitious Enough to Give Up a Promising Career:

I have known Chaiyan (Nune) for over 2 years now. He is a young artist of 33 years old who is ambitious enough to give up his teaching career at a University in order to chase after his own dream to be a doll making artist. From the time he has decided to create his own dream doll until today, he has struggled a lot on how to perfection his creations. From knowing nothing about doll-making to self-learning by countless trial and errors, I have witnessed the evolution of his doll making technique, the engineering of his dolls as well as… … the growth of his self-confident. How honored it is to be able to be part of his adventure and be one of his companions.

 Chaiyan icon 

Interested parties can  e-mail Chaiyan (Nune) for more :

Chaiyan’s creation path could be traced & followed from below:




Picture credit: Nune, the Immortal Classique

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