Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Prince William and Kate Wedding Doll

Prince William and Kate’s wedding really caught everyone’s attention. Prince William is not reserved in showing his affection towards Katy in the public.  The public is also not reserved in showing their appreciation on how beautiful Katy’s figure is and how great she fits in Macqueen wedding dress!

Lately there are different makers producing figurine and fashion dolls to the likeness of this mostly talked about couples. Hum….the GBP100 of the wedding dolls did capture the essence of Katy Middleton but Prince William looks like his father, Prince Charles, in the “Splitting Image” Muppet show.

prince-william-doll-440 148574-kate-middleton-and-prince-william-doll     prince-william-kate-middlet william-and-kate-dollsKATE MIDDLETON DOLL 7a97703_g246_6-kate-doll

Meanwhile, Franklin Mint also produced a softer look of Katy and priced at US195 LE5,000.


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Yajaira said...

I have to say Franklin Mint's version of Kate Middleton doll is my favorite.