Sunday, October 16, 2011

Display Showcase - Nostalgic Shots

I have this display showcase ever since I moved in this new house like 4 years ago. I arranged the display bit by bit whenever I feel like to. Many of the dolls in the pictures have already found their new homes, and plenty of the new ones have moved in after their departure! I should have done some photo shootings whenever I have changed the display. Anyway, before I could find time to take new pictures, here are some nostalgic shots!
fashion doll showcase 25096134655_d5d34e21fe 4868596526_8186e233ab5142274356_d9bf6fdd07_z5142274216_83fceabb47_z(1) 5142273744_b3f9818a3c
FR in cabinet4868594090_1457bd49f9_b4868594912_a6d7e35323_b5142274642_b188269652_b4954469910_44261587b5_zIMG_6642IMG_6647IMG_6845fr in showcaseIMG_7355OOAK Urban Gaisha US180fashion doll & action figure on showcaseTan PharateeTan Skin Tian Shi  Thewa prototype & tan Deva Dolls

chewin repaint Kyra          IMG_2511 

IMG_2515 IMG_2525 IMG_2527 IMG_6636

 Hot Property Nat US180

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN
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TM said...

Love love love your doll display!!! Very drool-inducing! Where did you get those beautiful display cases?

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

TM: Thank you very much for your compliment. This showcase is tailor made while I was renovating my house. It is about 7'6" in lenght!

Chynadoll said...

Love your collection! It's awesome

Cliff said...

Chynadoll: Thank you very much for your kind words!


Jorge Ramiro said...

This Is Pretty Awesome!!
An Amazing Styling Dolls Collection!!
Clap Clap Clap!!!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Jorge: Thank you very much for your compliment! I am very interested in knowing how is the doll community is like in Brazil!!

Terri Gold said...

These are wonderful.

Christian Louboutin said...

Love your great posts !

arefaces said...

I am so amazed and in love for I wish all of that was mine.