Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 We Club Upgrade Dolls

Out of my surprise, I received an email from Alain Tremblay of Integrity regarding the W Club membership.  I think have already stopped being a member for  2 years now. My last W Club doll is Going Public Eugenia, which I am still very fond of until today.

Anyway, I am surprised to see one of the membership “Upgrade Dolls” is an Avant Guard with a new face mold.  Why am I surprised? It is because I thought that it was a strong jaw face version of Misaki,

If we compare with the previous AG, this one has rooted hair instead of wigged one, the whole style is too plain to be an Avant Guard. The only item that speaks to me of this doll is her shoes. Well, it is not particularly stunning, but I guess it would be easy to play with mix and match.

Meanwhile, the Kyori club doll is kind of disappointed, FMHO!  I still remember how impressed I was when I first saw the club doll Going Public Eugenia’s official pictures!

ag w club doll shoesag we club doll

   spring kissed avant guard spring kissed avant guard1 upgrad fr doll kyoriupgrad fr doll kyori2 upgrad fr doll kyori1

Picture credit: Integrity

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep It Coming – Caucasian The-wa For Sale Today (18 Jan. 2011)

Just when we thought that we could take our breathe back from the thrill of Apsara, tan The-wa and Malaika, the Caucasian The-wa is going to be for sale at 11;30pm Bangkok time tonight. Now we need to have an ambulance stand-by!! 

Angelo will be released as a basic doll (LE30) that come with an onion wig and basic wear (black long sleeves turtle neck sweater and underwear).  I have a wig like that from Chewin and it is wonderful. It looks cool on both The-wa and Deva.  Cheiwn has also created some cool wigs for The-wa, as some of you might have already seen it somewhere in the past few weeks!

Angelo_01 Angelo_02  Angelo_04 Angelo_03Angelo_05 gg P1140675 P1140696 P1140699 P1140922 P1140958 P1140959

Picture credit: Deva Dolls ( Chewin

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