Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mix & Match or Not Match? Let Me Be The Judge!

People always having fun on mix and match. However, whether the mix is match or not match, the line is blurry.  For instance, we often see many bold design on the catwalk that we do not really understand or appreciate but they get great reviews!  Another example is that the [Runway Project] juries always critising on those I like and praising on those design which I find so awful!  Oh well, who say that we have to follow those famous people’s sterotypes, or have to see things from their persepective?

Here is the random mix & match of Pink & Black, soft & wild” by me.  Match or not match?  When I feel happy about the outcome, that is a good match already.  Below is the coordination of this Pink & Black:

  • Daphne is a repaint by Freddy in Singapore,
  • body is Jamieshow,
  • the hat is from Billy doll,
  • the top is from a 12” doll which has no name,
  • necklace is from human size wrist lace
  • the diamond bracklet (not pictured clearly) is a human ear ring.
  • the pants is from Sybarite
  • shoes by Jamieshow
  • pink fur is human size neckwarmer made of real rabbit hair
  • …Oh almost forgot…the stand is by Avant Guard… 吐舌頭


Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marl & B’s Exclusive Sybarite – Toxica

Wow, one after the others, the Marl & B exclusive Sybarite (LE100 and pricing at US729.99) has just been reviewed and for sale on their website.

toxica 3_1 After the new engineered body and new face mold V3 have been released, the 2nd and 3rd Sybarite, the Paris Convention exclusive PLAY (light blue outfits blonde and same design green outfits red hair), were reviewed. A few days later, the 4th Sybarite, Marl & Bs exclusive Toxica, is for sale online. It is the 4th Sybarite being released in about 1.5 months since V3 has been launched.  What’s more, it is the first of the 3 Hells Belles series.

Toxica has colorful birdie tattoos on her arms, breasts and neck (not sure if more on the other parts of her body). She has the retro lookand as usual, I like her shoes!!


Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sen, the Paris Exhibition Exclusive Asian Numina by Paul Pham

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJudy Moore, a wonderful dolly buddy of mine, has sent me the pictures of Sen, the LE10 Paris Convention exclusive Numina doll by Paul Pham.  It is the same Asian face mold as the FDQ exclusive doll Devon. She reminds me of a famous actress Shu Qi, which, honestly, not my cup of tea.  However, after seeing more pictures of this Asian face Numia in different styles and wigs, I began to like her unique look!   This Sen Devon is stylish and I like her purple theme!


This debute Devon reminds me of a famous Asian actress Shu Qi!paul-numina-asian-face

Picture credit: Paul Pham (

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Three Suprise”s” from Philippines–by Cholo

Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (10)

It is only 3.5 months since 2011 has started but Cholo has been giving me nice suprises one after the other!  I received these 3 pieces OOAK from Cholo last week – (1) An assymetric  tulle  blue gown that show the long legs and sexy female body curve,(2) a upper body dripping beading ornate, and (3) a rock jeans with lots of details.   I only gave Cholo a blurry comparison picture of Deva vs. Avant Guard.  Then he could guess the exact measurement of Deva Doll as if he had a Deva doll on hand!

I don’t know how to describe the items but I guess my pictures would tell you all the details!

Deva-dolls-pharatee-cholodeva-dolls-pharatee-cholo1deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo22deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo3deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo8deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo4deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo9deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo11deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo23deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo12deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo21deva-dolls-Pharatee-cholo111Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloismPharatee-deva-dolls-choloism5Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism14Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism8IMGPharatee-deva-dolls-choloism11_5961Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism6Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (9)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism22Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism18Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (3)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (4)Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism16Pharatee-deva-dolls-choloism (5)

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

100% Action Price for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund - New Wigs for Deva Dolls, Sybarite and the Numina on eBay by Pattaart


The devastated earthquake & tsunami hit the N.E. Japan badly last Friday!  Pattaart has just posted 6 pictures of her wig creations on eBay. The auction price of one of the wigs, Japanese Young Lady, is for charity. It says that “100% of auction price for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund - a Global Giving Project” .

Pattart’s wig is top notch quality and fits the named dolls like a glove!  I have a few of them and just love them!!! 

Let’s pray for and also help those innocent people!!  God Bless!

WSLS02V01-01Japanese Young Lady

WSLS02V01-12WSBB02R25-16WDBB02R25-04WDBB02R01-09Picture credit: Pattaart

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