Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poppy Parker Is Home

*** Doll Nudity – Please view at your own discretion ***

Never say “NO!”… I claimed that I have stopped buying 12” dolls but I could not really keep my promise!

poppy parker close up

Honestly, I did not like Poppy's fat round face and her under develop teenager body. Blame it on all the bad influence in Flikcr, who have restyled and pictured Poppy Parker so impressively that I surrounded to the temptation.

After weeks of struggling and hunting, I finally found the Poppy that I could not resist – I Love How You Love Me! However, before I could have my hand on her, I found a reasonable priced nude Ask Any Girls Poppy…and she is here now!



I could not help but laughing when I saw that big “Y” on the back of Poppy.

I always wonder “WHY” there must be a “Y’ like a baby doll down there! 吐舌頭


Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Nantha–New Deva Dolls–LE20

螢幕快照 2011-04-23 上午08.40.14Another new Deva Dolls will be for sale online tonight at 11:30pm Bangkok, Thailand.  Well, this new Deva Doll, Nantha, is actually a modifided face mold of Pharatee, the Indian beauty.  The official description says that she is the sister of Pharatee, who represents a modern Indian girl.  I like her high cheeck bones and lovely lip shape. The faceup is perfect and so vivid!

However,  the complain from me is that her feature looks a bit too strong in some of pictures, and that reminds me of the Caucasian Thewa doll, Angelo.  What do you think?  The new under eye lashes are not there!  What a pity!

This purple color theme Nantha has a refreshing look with short hair cut, chic leather (?) look top with short skirt and long boots – that is very different from the courture beauties of earlier Deva dolls.  I really really like this outfits but not the boots.  It looks too plain and a bit too heavy to me.  Another short outcome is that she only comes with 3 oversized bangles but no other accessories. 

She is US585 plus EMS worldwide – so treat it as a basic doll, that it is not bad at all!  But ~~ how soon could they ship the doll? I could foresee many complaints again!  Sign!螢幕快照 2011-04-23 上午08.40.48


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