Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Royalty– These Early Girls are Truely Royal to Me!


Good Memories of My Early Collections:

Well, I have not been playing with my Fashion Royalty girls for a long time. They were all dressed up and posing gracefully for me in the showcase behind glass for months and years.  Some of the pieces carry good memeories of mine. Such as some great bits and pieces of my early dolly treasure hunting in Bangkok, pieces from no-body artists then but well known artist now.  Of couse, there are some pieces of the early high quality official FR pieces.


Truely Royal Girls to Me:

In order to make space for my bigger girls who are coming, I took all my FR girls down today. I examined them one by one and tried to see which ones are keepers and which to go.  I could not help but wonder what on earth could JW create such perfect faces. I mean those early characters like Vanessa, Kyori, Adele and Isha.  I am not a fan of any new characters of these days, I must say. But all these early characters who have set the foundation for Fashion Royalty are kind of being ignored by JW these days!  However, these “earlier” girls of mine are truely “ROYAL” to me.  I love them and am glad they were all waiting patiently for my attention all the time!  So I decided to take a few snap shots of all my girls….some mug shots but I am happy to “get in touch” with them again!


AOO IshaDSC06899DSC06920DSC06900Runway Rightaway VanessaDSC06902DSC06905DSC06919FR groupGraphic Language Adele Lust AdelePoise Vanshock Bon bon VanessaPicture credit: Cliff Chan

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elfas’ Sister Atina is Ready to See You All

Atina 07

This is a very hot one – Elfas’ sister Atina.  She is even better and more chic than Pharatee’s sister Nantha.  Atina’ face mold is modified from Elfas and she looks just great in this pale skin tone with this funky hairstyle. I guess I would have to sit up all night for her.  Atina will be online for sale tonight at 11:30pm Bangkok time!  She is LE20 and the same price at US585 plus EMS.

Atina 01Atina 02Atina 03Atina 04Atina 05Atina 06

Picture credit: Deva Dolls

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