Sunday, July 10, 2011

St. Tropez Collections - JamieShow

What a summer time!

Hong Kong is getting hotter with plenty of sun shines lately. What is better than hanging out with friends and family in the beach to enjoy what the mother nature provides us! Today I woke up and received a very summer, refreshing and inspiring email from George of Angelic Dreamz, which promoting the latest release of Jamieshow – St. Tropez Collection. I must say that it is impressive that I could not help to copy the pictures and post it here.


Jamieshow Keeps Moving & Inspiring:

Jamieshow has been showing great improvement on their products in terms of quality and design on each release. Their environmental friendly J-resin, so they called it, is sturdy and ultra smooth in touching, no wield lines at all even with their colored resin; the articulations of their JS body really really rocks (see my previous review on Jamieshow dolls here!); the optional expressive hands and wig caps made playing with fashion dolls so much easier and fun!  Their shoes – a WOW WOW! The first round release of Alexandra Macqueen shoes are wonderful miniatures; the angel wigs sculpted ones are stunning and are my favorite, the black and white checked boots are a must have! (Well, I must say that the 2nd round release of JS shoes are kind of disappointed to me ) I am glad that Jamieshow did not stop there, wait till you see the Michel Tcherevokoff inspired Cala Lilly shoes and Rose shoes of this St. Tropez Collection! I have my eyes on them!

jamieshow-shoes-Calla-4Jamieshow-shoes-Rose-4 拷貝jamieshow-kyra-riviera-gift-set-set2

The Designer Inspired Furniture:

They also add in furniture in this St. Tropeza!  Hosman Urban’s fun furniture (click here) that is already tempting as they have all soft of design, shapes and colors; Jamieshow’s furniture are even greater in my own taste – more fun and more designer feel!


The Morphogenesis Lounge (SU135) and matching table (US35), the Her Chair (US65) would be great collectable for diorama lovers. I especially like the Silver Lockheed Chaise which is inspired by Mar Newson. (LE25, US325). Yea..with that price you can definitely buy a Jamieshow’s basic girl or boy (US295), and almost could pay for their IFDC debut new girl – Grace (LE 25, US395), a red headed girl!


IFDC exclusive-jamieshow-GRACE

My Picks:

Talking about Jamieshow girl, I must say that Grace is not who has drawn my attention. Guess how did? It is Eshe! I am so impressed by her Egyptian look, the exclusive one for Haute Doll Magazine. But, hey, she looks as stunning in her modern look also! I think after Sasha, Eshe is the promising one in Jamishow’s line! Eshe looks so good in all different wig caps. These 2 girls has more chic, feminine look, and do not look as strong as other JS girls. Sometimes in some angles, some of the JS girls look like a tranny.



Although Angelica and Sun’s images are yet positioning well, with the wig cap fun (only US30 each), they could let collectors explore how versatile they could be!Angelica-ROOTEDCAPS-jamieshow


Please Let the Boy Have Fun Too:

Girls seems have most of the fun, but the guys have one item – unbelievable price of US10 for a bathing suit (although I found it looks a bit too loose), no harm to add one in your collection, so the guy could have fun as well! I would suggest Jamieshow also produce sun bathing towel with prints to go with this set, or a pair of flip-flop. That would be more fun! In this St. Tropez collection, there are 3 pairs of sunglasses (US35 each) but I found that they are not in the right proportion! Since they are affordable, they could be used as a “dioramatic” items.


The price level of Jamieshow is always wonderful. (Unlike some other brands that you feel always being ripped off.) Great price for great quality items, even just for diorama decorative purpose!

Picture credit: Angelic Dreamz (JamieShow St.Tropez Collection)

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