Friday, October 7, 2011

The White Snake Lady – the 2nd Wave of Immortal Classique

After the 1st SOLD OUT release of  Sahara, the Immortal Classique, the 2nd wave comes with a stunning Chinese beauty named Bai Suzhen, inspired by one of the mostly told ancient Chinese myths, “the White Snake Legend”.

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The story tells of a young scholar who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Unaware that she is a 1,000 year old white snake that has taken a human form.  A monk, Fa-hoi, intervenes in order to maintain nature’s law and cast white snake into a deep well at LeiFeng Pagoda… … (For the story details -->The White Snake Legend)FSEP7

This romantic love story is one of the mostly told amongst Chinese community.  The story is about the romance, betrayal, love between sisters, husband & wife, mortal & immortal, fighting between evil and righteous, scarification for love etc. which makes it an immortal classical story for Chinese, and has been modified and performed in terms of movies, opera, stage plays, TV series etc.  Now…even in the doll community by Nune, the Immortal Classique.


This beauty is now for sale online at, only LE5 and ready for shipping.

When the dolls are sold out, there will be no re-made, or re-use of any of the materials for this production at all. This head is new face mold from the previous one,Sahara.

The hair is a non removable wig. Its color is black and about 7.5 inches long. This is permanently stick on the doll head that people can comb and fix any styles that they'd love too. The doll size is 13.4 inches tall. 

Bi Su-zhen will come with:
1.) a nude doll
2.) pink and blue costume (2 main pieces)
3.) a Chinese Opera head piece
4.) a pair of turquoise earrings
5.) a white long stole
6.) Chinese brace shoes
7.) pearl necklace with a Chinese stone
8.) doll box and doll stand
this price will NOT include the shipping cost.


Picture credit: Nune of Immortal Classique

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