Friday, December 2, 2011

The Golden Girl–Elfas (Deva Dolls)


Elfas-the golden girlThis Elfas is a very special OOAK Deva Dolls to me.  Beside the fact that she is my very first Deva Dolls, this face mold has never been commercialized.  I bought it together with this stunning gown and golden shoes.  The original wig was a curly burgundy one with good volume.  But I wanted this set to be all in same tone, so I picked the Angie wig, necklace and earrings from the Sunset Rave Ayumi by Fashion Royalty. All the coordination turned out to be just perfect to me!  I could not be happier to see how this Elfas turned out to be – a truly Golden Girl!  She is stunningly gorgeous, so soft yet showing her attitude, shinning towards me all the way!







Picture Credit: Cliff CHAN

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